League kits will be delivered to all the centers before the start of the season and contain the following items:

  • Letter to Secretaries
  • League Application
  • League Dues Worksheet
  • Preprinted Sanction (membership) Cards
  • Local Award Application Forms for Adults and/or Youth (please make copies for future use)
  • High Score Application Forms for Adults and /or Youth (please make copies for future use)
  • USBC Current Year Playing Rules

2020 - 2021 Season Information

Click on a form to open:

Fillable Adult Local Award Form
Fillable 11 in a Row Award Form
Fillable Youth Local Award Form
USBC High Score Application
Adult/Youth Team Score Application
USBC Youth High Score Application


Please let the office know if you do not receive your league kit!
Email: manager@cnm-usbc.com or call (505) 265-9158.