League Certifications – within 30 days of league’s first session

  • Turn in league certification application with membership cards and dues fees paid by members.
  • Turn in additional membership cards and any dues collected within 30 days of receipt throughout the year.

Local Special Achievement Awards – within 20 days of accomplishment

  • Turn in to local association office for processing.
  • Pick up awards from local association office for distribution to bowlers.

High Scores – within 20 days of accomplishment

  • Turn in high score award forms.
  • Turn in special achievement award forms
  • Notify the association office (265-9158) within 48 hours of high score (300, 800).

Mid-Season Averages – Deadline is first week of January.

  • Turn in mid-season averages for the league to local association office, using December 24 as the cutoff date.

End of Season Averages 

  • End of season averages MUST be turned in within 14 days of the league’s completion to local association office.