High Averages must have 66 or more games to qualify.

Ragsdale, William T24372HOITA2015-16
Espinda, Eric W, Sr24075SLLB52014-15
Ragsdale, William T23869HOWNM2015-16
Yoder, William J23875HOWNM2015-16
Emerson, Lance R23887FCBMT2014-15
Miller, Michael A23875STTR2013-14
Booker, DeeRonn C23778STTWL2018-19
Ragsdale, William T23796HOFF2015-16
Miller, Michael A237112TPBSD2013-14
Smith, Matthew D23693SLB5S2018-19
Emerson, Lance R23687SLMHI2017-18
Emerson, Lance R23684SLMHI2016-17
Ragsdale, William T23675HOMSC2016-17
Ragsdale, William T23683HOGF2015-16
Patnode, Laine K23684STTR2013-14
Brown, Bryan L235101HOBLH2017-18
Emerson, Lance R235102SLLB52016-17
Barteau, Robert J235102HOFF2016-17
Emerson, Lance R23469HOGF2018-19
Pinge, Samuel W23481HOMSC2016-17
Hare, Brian G234112TPBHT2015-16
Brenning, Dan M233104TPBT2019-20
Espinda, Eric W, Sr23378SLMHI2016-17
Emerson, Lance R23396SLMHI2015-16
Espinda, Eric W, Sr23390SLFSM2013-14
Skidmore, Brian J23266SLMHI2019-20
Brown, Bryan L23299HOITA2017-18
Brown, Bryan L23287HOGF2017-18
Smith, Matthew D23284SLB5S2017-18
Yoder, William J23296HOBLH2017-18
Booker, DeeRonn C23174STHCF2019-20
Smith, Matthew D23174HOBLH2019-20
Barteau, Robert J231101HOFF2017-18
Brenning, Dan M231136TPBHT2017-18
Skidmore, Brian J23184SLMHI2017-18
Gustafson, Shawn R231108SLMHI2016-17
Mcclintick, John N231111SLMHI2016-17
Smith, Matthew D23178SLLB52016-17
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A23192SLMHI2016-17
Brown, Bryan L23184HOITA2015-16
Miller, Michael A23191TPBHT2015-16
Pinge, Samuel W23181HOMSC2015-16
Espinda, Eric W, Sr23196SKMHI2014-15
Carper, Paul J23169STTWL2014-15
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr231105HOBLH2013-14
Emerson, Lance R23096FCBMT2017-18
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A23087SLMHI2017-18
Espinosa, Guillermo23086HOBLH2016-17
Yoder, William J23093HONFL2016-17
Yoder, William J230102HOBLH2015-16
Emerson, Lance R23092TPBHT2015-16
Espinda, Eric W, Sr23069HOMSC2015-16
Smith, Matthew D23093SLLB52015-16
Cobine, Daniel F23069HOBSC2014-15
Pinge, Samuel W230105SKMHI2014-15
Skidmore, Brian J23084SKMHI2014-15
Chavez, Carl S230111STTR2013-14
Quintana, Demosthenes M230124TPBSD2013-14
Sheridan, Peter N22988TPBT2019-20
Booker, DeeRonn C22993SLMHI2018-19
Espinda, Eric W, Sr22996SLMHI2017-18
Espinosa, Guillermo229136TPBHT2017-18
Johnson, Roger J22996HONFL2017-18
Lucero, Diego J22997STHCF2017-18
Ragsdale, William T22996HOFF2016-17
Yoder, William J22975HOMSC2016-17
Brown, Bryan L22972HOGF2016-17
Lucero, Diego J229105STMX32016-17
Espinda, Eric W, Sr22971SLLB52015-16
Emerson, Lance R229108STTR2014-15
Pinge, Samuel W22981HOBSC2013-14
Emerson, Lance R22878FCBMT2018-19
Yoder, William J22881HOBLH2018-19
MacPhee, Joseph D22886SLMHI2017-18
Ragsdale, William T22893HOFF2017-18
Ragsdale, William T228105HOBLH2016-17
Yoder, William J22896HOBLH2016-17
Brown, Bryan L22878HOITA2016-17
Payne, Chris M228105SLMHI2016-17
Brown, Bryan L22869HOBLH2015-16
Espinosa, Guillermo228127TPBHT2015-16
Brown, Bryan L22887SKMHI2014-15
Van Hecke, Ian D22896HOWNM2014-15
Barteau, Robert J22893HOFF2013-14
Emerson, Lance R228111STTR2013-14
Espinosa, Guillermo22899STTR2013-14
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr22899STHCF2013-14
Merrick, Joseph T228102STTR2013-14
Skidmore, Brian J22899SKMHI2013-14
Yoder, William J22775HOXSC2018-19
Ragsdale, William T22773HOWNM2017-18
Ragsdale, William T22796HOBLH2017-18
Gustafson, Shawn R22793SLMHI2017-18
Sheridan, Peter N227122TPBHT2017-18
Silva, Jason A227102SLB5S2017-18
Vanderlip, Eric, H22796SLMHI2017-18
Brown, Bryan L22790HOBLH2016-17
MacPhee, Joseph D227102SLMHI2016-17
Vanderlip, Eric, H22797SLMHI2016-17
Brenning, Dan M22792TPBHT2015-16
MacPhee, Joseph D22769HOMSC2015-16
Pinge, Samuel W22796STTR2013-14
Skidmore, Brian J22793STTR2013-14
Hare, Brian G227105STTR2013-14
Templeton, Dave N22772STTR2013-14
Tillery, Jim R22799STTR2013-14
Van Hecke, Ian D226105HOBLH2016-17
Emerson, Lance R22669SLMHI2019-20
Johnson, Roger J22696HONFL2018-19
Skidmore, Brian J22684SLMHI2018-19
Lee, Haskell T22694STHCF2017-18
Worthen, Jeremy A22681TPME2017-18
Yoder, Paul H226102HOITA2017-18
Castaneda, David, Jr22687STHCF2016-17
Johnson, Roger J22696HONFL2016-17
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr22696STHCF2016-17
Shipman, Joshua22699STTWL2016-17
Emerson, Lance R22699FCBMT2015-16
Espinda, Eric W, Sr226102SLMHI2015-16
Bacoccini, Aaron L22678HOMSC2015-16
Vanderlip, Eric, H226102SLMHI2015-16
Brown, Bryan L22666HOBSC2014-15
Brenning, Dan M226102SKMHI2014-15
Riley, Michael W22692TPME2014-15
Yoder, Paul H22666SKMHI2014-15
Emerson, Lance R22699FCBMT2013-14
Carper, Paul J22678STLVF2013-14
Napolitano, Victor226102STTR2013-14
Van Hecke, Ian D22687STTR2013-14
Chavez, Carl S225104TPBT2019-20
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A22572SLMHI2019-20
Emerson, Lance R22586SLMHI2018-19
Bedford, Martin C22575SLMHI2017-18
Brenning, Dan M22599SLMHI2016-17
Skidmore, Brian J22597SLMHI2016-17
Yoder, William J22578HOMSC2015-16
Gustafson, Shawn R225111SLMHI2015-16
Mcclintick, John N225108SLMHI2015-16
Van Hecke, Ian D22587HOBLH2015-16
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D22587TPRR2014-15
Gill, Jacob T225102HOBLH2014-15
Hare, Brian G225105TPSC2014-15
Ortega, Angel225128TPBHT2014-15
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr22599STTR2013-14
Brenning, Dan M22568TPSDS2013-14
Mann, Randy22599HOFF2013-14
Miera, Robert J225102STTR2013-14
Riley, Michael W225108STTR2013-14

Hare, Adrienne M23287STTR2013-14
Miller-Mackie, Dana C232116TPBHT2013-14
Miller-Mackie, Dana C22972TPBHT2014-15
Hare, Adrienne M22891TPBHT2015-16
Miller-Mackie, Dana C228108TPBSD2013-14
Miller-Mackie, Dana C226121TPBHT2017-18
Miller-Mackie, Dana C222115TPBHT2018-19
Barcal, Karen K22299STTR2013-14
Shannon, Shauna T22087HOBLH2016-17
Miller-Mackie, Dana C219112TPBHT2015-16
Barcal, Karen K21990SKMHI2013-14
Shannon, Shauna T21880SLMHI2017-18
Shannon, Shauna T21873HOBLH2017-18
Hare, Adrienne M21872FCBMT2013-14
Barcal, Karen K21784SKMHI2014-15
Miller-Mackie, Dana C216112TPBHT2016-17
Shannon, Shauna T21596SLMHI2016-17
Shannon, Shauna T21590TPSC2014-15
Shannon, Shauna T21587HOBLH2014-15
Yellowrobe, Donna D21587STHCF2013-14
Carper, Janeyl U21486STTR2013-14
Shannon, Shauna T21381HOBLH2015-16
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R21284HOITA2018-19
Barcal, Karen K21284FCBMT2017-18
Shannon, Shauna T21175SLMHI2019-20
Miller-Mackie, Dana C21172TPJCT2015-16
Hare, Adrienne M211105TPSC2014-15
Shannon, Shauna T21075STTWL2019-20
Patterson, Brandii L21081HOXSC2018-19
Shannon, Shauna T20996SLMHI2018-19
Vargas, Sara A209103HOFF2017-18
Yellowrobe, Donna D20999HOITA2016-17
Vargas, Sara A20987HOITA2014-15
Danks, Melissa20878SLMHI2019-20
Kuhnley, Marsha D20893HOBLH2017-18
Hare, Adrienne M20871TPMSL2015-16
Griffin, Dusti M20899STHCF2013-14
Barcal, Karen K20784FCBMT2018-19
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20787HOITA2017-18
Yellowrobe, Donna D20799HOITA2017-18
Miller-Mackie, Dana C20778TPMSL2015-16
Kuhnley, Marsha D20790HOBLH2015-16
Dowd, Donna J207102TPRR2014-15
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20690HOBLH2018-19
Shannon, Shauna T20675HOBLH2018-19
Vargas, Sara A20672HOXSC2018-19
Griffin, Dusti M205100TPBT2019-20
Yellowrobe, Donna D20584HOITA2018-19
Vargas, Sara A20578HOMSC2015-16
Yellowrobe, Donna D20569HOSOG2015-16
Dowd, Donna J20568TPSDS2013-14
Shannon, Shauna T20593FCBMT2013-14
Shannon, Shauna T20590SKMHI2013-14
Danks, Melissa20472HOBLH2019-20
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20478HOXSC2018-19
Barcal, Karen K20480SLMHI2018-19
Vargas, Sara A204102HOFF2016-17
Griffin, Dusti M20393TPSF22017-18
Hamilton, Brenda R20388HOWNM2017-18
Hamilton, Brenda R20387STJAC2016-17
Barcal, Karen K20390FCBMT2015-16
Barcal, Karen K20384TPMSL2015-16
Botkin, Sharon R20396HOWNM2014-15
Kuhnley, Marsha D20394HOBLH2014-15
Barcal, Karen K20284TPMDC2018-19
Barton, Cheryll20290HOBLH2018-19
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R202102HOBLH2017-18
Hamilton, Brenda R20299STJAC2017-18
Dennison, Michelle L20266HOITA2017-18
Yellowrobe, Donna D202100STHCF2015-16
Hamilton, Brenda R20278HOWNM2015-16
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20275HOMSC2015-16
Barcal, Karen K20169SLMHI2019-20
Barcal, Karen K20166FCBMT2019-20
Danks, Melissa20178HOBLH2018-19
Barton, Cheryll201102HOBLH2017-18
Dowd, Donna J201101TPRR2016-17
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20175HOBLH2016-17
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20190HOFF2015-16
Griffin, Dusti M20184TP2+22015-16
Barcal, Karen K20196STTR2014-15
Vargas, Sara A20172SKMHI2014-15
Botkin, Sharon R20190HOBLH2013-14
Danks, Melissa20066TPMDC2019-20
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R20075HOBLH2019-20
Barton, Cheryll20069HOXSC2018-19
Griffin, Dusti M20099TPPA22018-19
Hamilton, Brenda R20067HOWT2018-19
Gutierrez, Renee L200102STJAC2017-18
Hamilton, Brenda R20077HOBLH2016-17
Hamilton, Brenda R20084HOWNM2016-17
Barcal, Karen K20084TPSC2016-17
Kuhnley, Marsha D20096HOBLH2016-17

William T. Ragsdale holds 3 of the top 10 averages for CNM USBC men!

ERIC W. ESPINDA, SR. had a 240 average in 2014-15!
DIANA SILVA was the first Albuquerque woman to achieve a 201 average, and one of 117 women in the US that was recognized by WIBC in 1981. The same year she was also the first bowler to receive the Governor Sports Award at the New Mexico Sports Show.
DANA C. MILLER MACKIE holds 6 out of the top 10 averages for CNM USBC women!