800 Series from 1971-84 were gathered from old average books with no specific dates listed - if more than one score, the rest are entered as 800.

Altenburg, Eric M8062014-10-31HOFF
Ankeny, Kenneth A8001971-84no date
Ankeny, Kenneth A8012006-08-02SKAYS
Ankeny, Kenneth A8122006-06-14SKAYS
Aragon, Julio A8052016-11-17STHCF
Aragon, Julio A8202015-03-04STTWL
Aragon, Julio A8052011-03-11STHCF
Archuleta, Frank C8002011-06-07SKTNF
Armstrong, RL8131971-84no date
Austin, Gary8031995-96no date
Avery, Jimmy L8231993-1994no date
Avery, Jimmy L8102018-01-10SLB5S
Avery, Jimmy L8022005-09-16SKMCP
Bacoccini, Aaron L8172017-02-10SLMHI
Ballengee, Dwayne A8212001-04-01Holiday Bowl
Barela, Chris M8142010-01-05STTR
Barteau, Robert A8042017-01-27HOFF
Barteau, Robert J8092019-07-26HOTGI
Barteau, Robert J8182017-07-06HOAYD
Barteau, Robert J8002016-05-13HOFF
Barteau, Robert J8372015-05-29HOFF
Barteau, Robert J8562014-08-22HOTGF
Barteau, Robert J8452014-06-06HOTGF
Barteau, Robert J8122014-02-21HOFF
Barton, Robert8011994-95no date
Bedford, Martin C8372017-03-02TPTDI
Benard, Rick8132019-02-06TPBHT
Berry, Casey8001994-95no date
Berry, Casey8151993-94no date
Berry, Casey8001993-94no date
Bierly, Paul S, Jr8482004-03-05Silva Lanes
Bierly, Paul S, Jr8042001-05-08Silva Lanes
Bierly, Paul S, Jr8001998-07-07Eu-Can Bowl
Bierly, Paul S, Jr8001998-05-20Eu-Can Bowl
Blanton, Jim W8001998-04-12Eu-Can Bowl
Bliven, Michael A8191999-11-03Holiday Bowl
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D8792019-10-07TPSTF
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D8652016-03-28TPFAW
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D8002015-05-14TPRR
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D8562015-04-03TPRR
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D8102005-05-12Tenpins & More
Booker, DeeRonn C8372020-02-04STMX3
Booker, DeeRonn C8232019-10-22STMX3
Booker, DeeRonn C8062018-12-09STLV
Brenning, Dan M8132019-03-06TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M8082018-04-11TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M8252018-02-28TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M8142018-02-24
Brenning, Dan M8022017-12-13TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M8052016-01-20TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M8102007-06-24
Brooks, Vinner, Jr8232011-12-29SKVIP
Brown, Bryan L8251984-1990no date
Brown, Bryan L8042017-04-14SLMHI
Brown, Bryan L8032017-04-03HOGF
Brown, Bryan L8152012-01-17FCBMT
Brown, Bryan L8072010-11-05SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L8442010-04-30SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L8592009-10-23SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L8132008-04-25SKMCP
Brown, Bryan L8172008-03-10HOGFW
Brown, Dennis L8022010-06-12
Brown, Dennis L8342010-03-30STTR
Brown, Dennis L8132010-02-21
Brown, Dennis L8332009-05-14STRB
Brown, Dennis L8042009-03-24STTR
Brown, Dennis L8332009-02-19STRB
Brown, Dennis L8022008-05-29STRBS
Brown, Dennis L8252008-01-10STRBS
Brown, Dennis L8042007-12-06STRBS
Brown, Dennis L8042006-06-12SLSDS
Brown, Dennis L8342006-05-20
Brown, Dennis L8042001-08-28Silva Lanes
Brown, Dennis L8062000-03-21Sun Valley Bowl
Brown, Dennis L8431995-96no date
Brown, Mer C8121990-94no date
Brown, Mer C8001997-12-04Sun Valley Bowl
Bruce, Brian L8172001-09-18Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8042015-06-01TPSDS
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8122011-06-02STRBS
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8152010-01-05STTR
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8072009-03-04HOAHP
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8012009-02-13SKMHI
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8012003-07-02Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8312003-06-18Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney A, Jr8052001-10-10Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney A, Sr8062002-03-18Holiday Bowl
Burks, Michael R8152013-06-07STH&C
Burks, Michael R8232012-06-29STH&C
Burks, Michael R8262006-12-09TPMRR
Buster, Terry L8162007-11-19SKNFL
Byer, William H8132014-04-02TPWNM
Campbell, Buck8281995-96no date
Carper, Paul J8012020-02-20TPME
Carper, Paul J8382020-01-05TPSST
Carper, Paul J8212014-04-15STTR
Carper, Paul J8112012-10-04FCBMT
Carper, Paul J8022011-05-13TPRR
Carriaga, Eric L8092019-04-04FCBMT
Carrillo, Mario8562013-02-08STHCF
Carrillo, Mario8012010-06-13STSMN
Carroll, Michael J8082004-05-18Silva Lanes
Carter, Jerry D, Jr8352009-12-11SKMHI
Case, Edwin M8052015-05-01SKMHI
Case, Edwin M8112013-10-15HOITA
Case, Edwin M8242006-09-29SKMCP
Case, Edwin M8032006-01-08
Case, Edwin M8132006-01-07SKMCP
Case, Edwin M8062004-09-06
Case, Edwin M8042002-12-04Holiday Bowl
Case, Edwin M8152002-10-22Holiday Bowl
Case, Edwin M8252002-10-15Holiday Bowl
Case, Edwin M8152002-02-04Holiday Bowl
Catsavis, Dino8031971-84no date
Chavez, Antonio M8222010-09-10SKMHI
Chavez, Antonio M8032006-01-18SLW5S
Chavez, Antonio M8112002-10-08Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Antonio M8251999-11-05Leisure Bowl
Chavez, Carl S8001995-96no date
Chavez, Carl S8001995-96no date
Chavez, Carl S8001995-96no date
Chavez, Carl S8251993-1994no date
Chavez, Carl S8031984-1990no date
Chavez, Carl S8272019-03-06TPBHT
Chavez, Carl S8102018-04-07
Chavez, Carl S8152013-11-26STTR
Chavez, Carl S8242013-08-15STRBS
Chavez, Carl S8132010-11-02STTR
Chavez, Carl S8042010-03-07
Chavez, Carl S8422009-11-27SKMHI
Chavez, Carl S8032009-10-29STRB
Chavez, Carl S8022008-04-27STRBS
Chavez, Carl S8062008-03-11STTRF
Chavez, Carl S8002006-09-26STTRF
Chavez, Carl S8232006-04-04STTRF
Chavez, Carl S8362004-07-07Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Carl S8042003-04-26Starlight Bowling
Chavez, Carl S8342000-04-16Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Carl S8001998-08-03Eu-Can Bowl
Chavez, Carl S8351996-01-12Sun Valley Bowl
Chavez, David8042014-06-05STPT
Clark, John A8132003-02-13Holiday Bowl
Cleland, Alex J8232018-11-27HOITA
Click, Leonard E8022018-03-22SLIND
Cobine, Daniel F8042014-09-17HOBSC
Coffman, James R, Jr8052019-09-09TPBT
Conrad, Steve P8002013-09-25HOBSC
Cordova, Juan S8102009-04-23LUSDM
Cordova, Juan S8032006-02-03SKMCP
Cordova, Juan S8022003-05-02Leisure Bowl
Cordova, Juan S8562002-02-24Leisure Bowl
Correa, John A8111999-11-09Eu-Can Bowl
Cress, Tom8011984-1990no date
Curtis, William (Will), Sr8052009-10-30SKMHI
Curtis, William (Will), Sr8162009-02-13SKMHI
Daniels, James E, Jr8012009-01-22SLTNB
Daniels, James E, Jr8042005-10-03TPMNM
Delmore, James R8032018-03-26STKAQ
Delmore, James R8082008-11-12SLFSM
Derrick, Steven H8012001-07-02Silva Lanes
Dickerson, Carl8241971-84no date
Dillman, Robert A8172014-04-28TPBSD
Dillman, Robert A8032011-03-24STRB
Dillman, Robert A8472010-10-21STRB
Dillman, Robert A8032010-04-23TPRR
Dillman, Robert A8232010-02-27
Dillman, Robert A8042007-04-17STTRF
Dillman, Robert A8242007-03-09TPMRR
Dillman, Robert A8252006-12-13TPBCT
Dillman, Robert A8172006-04-13TPBCT
Dillman, Robert A8212006-02-10TPMRR
Dillman, Robert A8122005-04-21Tenpins & More
Dillman, Robert A8122005-04-20Tenpins & More
Dowd, Donna J8032011-01-21TPRR
Duran, A. Ray, Jr8131999-11-30Eu-Can Bowl
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8142014-01-09HOBLH
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8342013-10-15HOCHL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8662011-01-11STTR
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8062010-04-12HOPOL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8362008-02-18HOPOL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8042007-04-09HOPOL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8272003-12-11Silva Lanes
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr8052002-12-19Silva Lanes
Emerson, Lance R8482019-08-26TPMSD
Emerson, Lance R8042019-04-19SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R8262018-11-26HOGF
Emerson, Lance R8142018-10-11FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8162018-05-10FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8482018-02-23SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R8062018-02-08FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8132017-10-11HOMSC
Emerson, Lance R8262017-03-02FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8452017-01-06SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R8112016-06-26
Emerson, Lance R8212016-05-12FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8052016-04-11TPMSL
Emerson, Lance R8162016-01-21FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8012015-06-20
Emerson, Lance R8052015-03-12FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8032015-02-19FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8052014-11-24TPSC
Emerson, Lance R8112014-10-26
Emerson, Lance R8162014-10-19
Emerson, Lance R8062014-07-28TPSDS
Emerson, Lance R8042014-05-03
Emerson, Lance R8262014-03-27FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8212014-02-04STTR
Emerson, Lance R8252013-12-18SLFSM
Emerson, Lance R8022013-09-03STTR
Emerson, Lance R8112013-08-05FCBBS
Emerson, Lance R8152013-07-29FCBBS
Emerson, Lance R8002013-06-09
Emerson, Lance R8472012-11-07FCNAS
Emerson, Lance R8112012-05-10FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8162012-04-11FCNAS
Emerson, Lance R8142012-02-28STTR
Emerson, Lance R8652012-01-12FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R8052011-11-20
Emerson, Lance R8052010-11-09STTR
Emerson, Lance R8232009-07-27STMDS
Emerson, Lance R8342009-01-13STTR
Emerson, Lance R8142008-10-31SKMHI
Emerson, Lance R8372008-09-14
Emerson, Lance R8062008-07-29STSSL
Epstein, Aaron L8072014-10-09TPTD1
Escoffier, Robert L8472015-12-23HOWNM
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8142017-09-22SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8792016-10-21SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8182015-04-13FCBAD
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8172015-02-19FCBMT
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8202014-11-19SLLB5
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8132014-02-16
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8452013-12-10STTR
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8372013-06-05
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8392012-04-12FCBMT
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8312011-02-15STTR
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8332010-01-08SKMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8012007-12-19SKNCL
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8002006-03-03SKMCP
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8362005-01-05Holiday Bowl
Espinda, Eric W, Sr8122001-04-16Silva Lanes
Espinda, Joseph D8062001-04-24Silva Lanes
Espinosa, Guillermo8082018-04-18TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo8032018-02-14TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo8022017-09-27TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo8122016-01-13TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo8182015-10-14TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo8122013-10-01STTR
Espinosa, Guillermo8262013-02-14FCBMT
Espinosa, Guillermo8132011-02-18STHCF
Espinosa, Guillermo8592010-02-27
Espinosa, Guillermo8042008-12-05STHCF
Essington, Scot A8141971-84no date
Essington, Scot A8212018-01-12SLMHI
Faulkner, Joseph B8242012-04-06SKMHI
Faulkner, Joseph B8042010-04-04Tenpins & More
Faulkner, Joseph B8052010-03-09SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B8032009-12-15SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B8022009-10-27SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B8112009-10-20SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B8042008-01-22SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B8252007-12-04SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B8032007-05-08SKBTM
Faulkner, Joseph B8042001-12-14Leisure Bowl
Faulkner, Joseph B8251999-12-20Holiday Bowl
Fernandez, JT8151971-84no date
Fernandez, JT8001971-84no date
Fernandez, JT8001971-84no date
Fernandez, Tito816 (City Record)1972-02-01Fiesta Lanes
Fleenor, Rainer G8272014-03-11STMX3
Fraley, Ted8341984-1990no date
Fraley, Ted8001991-01-01no date
Fraley, Ted844 (City Record)1990-01-01no date
Funari, Leo P, Jr8032008-07-07TPMSD
Fuqua, Scott E8062006-01-05SLTNB
Fuqua, Scott E8041999-11-10Holiday Bowl
Garcia, Gabriel8282017-01-17STJAC
Garcia, Manny J8102008-04-01STTRF
Garcia, Manny J8132008-02-15SKMCP
Garcia, Manny J8022007-10-30STTRF
Garcia, Manny J8262005-12-20SLPCL
Gebhardt, Joshua D8152010-09-17SKMHI
Gebhardt, Joshua D8042009-04-13HOGFW
Gebhardt, Joshua D8122008-10-14SKTNM
Gill, Gary8181984-1990no date
Gordon, Ken R8102000-12-14Holiday Bowl
Gordon, Ken R8032000-09-07Holiday Bowl
Gordon, Ken R8052000-03-13Holiday Bowl
Gordon, Ken R8001998-07-27Eu-Can Bowl
Graham, Andy8052015-12-14HOGF
Granat, Alan8111990-94no date
Grant, William J8362013-04-15TPBSD
Grant, William J8122012-04-08
Grant, William J8132009-08-12TPJCT
Gustafson, Shawn R8152017-09-22SLMHI
Gustafson, Shawn R8222010-04-21SLE5S
Gutierrez, Marvin N8092009-01-22HOHNL
Guyer, Paul E8132005-02-24Holiday Bowl
Guyer, Paul E8062003-02-27Holiday Bowl
Hadley, Gary L8052019-11-13TPBT
Hadley, Gary L8252012-01-31STTR
Hadley, Gary L8202009-11-10STTR
Hailey, Justin G8052017-01-13HOFF
Hamilton, John M8271993-94no date
Hamilton, John M8032018-07-12HORR
Hamilton, John M8352017-10-25SLB5S
Hamilton, Sean P8052010-01-15SKMHI
Hamilton, Sean P8292005-12-23SKMCP
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8141995-96no date
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8152010-04-28SLE5S
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8062007-11-15SLTNB
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8142007-04-24SLPCL
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8012002-03-10Leisure Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8022001-09-27Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8382001-07-23Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8062001-04-17Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8552000-11-12Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8091999-12-19Eu-Can Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8071999-11-21Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr8001997-10-20Eu-Can Bowl
Hare, Adrienne M8262014-05-26TPSDS
Hare, Adrienne M8262013-07-01TPSDS
Hare, Adrienne M8042008-06-25TPJCT
Hare, Brian G8132016-04-18TPMSL
Hare, Brian G8052012-11-03
Hare, Brian G8002012-02-02FCBMT
Hare, Brian G8252004-10-05Silva Lanes
Harvey, Zachary T8072018-09-28SLMHI
Hayes, John C, Jr8102019-03-11TPSTF
Hays, Richard A8042009-08-27STRB
Hays, Richard A8102006-05-06
Heckler, Christopher D8342007-03-25
Heckler, Don8151995-96no date
Heckler, Don8051990-94no date
Helmick, Dennis F8132004-01-23Tenpins & More
Helmick, Matthew F8102010-05-30
Herschman, Joshua M8442017-04-18TP2+2
Higbee, Joey D8001998-02-17Eu-Can Bowl
Higby, Larry8111995-96no date
Hohnberger, Victor L8102005-10-23
Holguin, Gary8101971-84no date
Hollander, Pam8041987-02-26Fiesta Lanes
Holub, Curtis P8001998-03-02Eu-Can Bowl
Holub, Curtis P8001998-01-30Eu-Can Bowl
Jenkins, David A8062016-10-19HOMSC
Jenkins, David A8022016-04-22SLMHI
Jenkins, David A8042010-10-08SKMHI
Jensen, Craig F8472008-03-24SKEFF
Jewczuk, Gregory N8072000-01-21Eu-Can Bowl
Johnson, Aaron J8262018-03-26HOREE
Johnson, Aaron J8472017-12-04HOREE
Johnson, Mary D8362008-01-21SKNFL
Johnson, Roger J8032019-03-21SLIND
Johnson, Roger J8042017-03-23SLIND
Jojola, Mike8001995-96no date
Jojola, Mike865 (AMBA Record)1984-1990no date
Jojola, Mike8022010-04-25Starlight Bowling
Jones, Jeff Q8142017-06-29TPTD
Jones, Jeff Q8102013-01-03TPTD1
Jones, Ken L8341984-1990no date
Jones, Ken L8001984-1990no date
Jones, Ken L8001984-1990no date
Jones, Ken L8041971-84no date
Jones, Ken L8102000-01-12Holiday Bowl
Jones, Ken L8001991-01-01no date
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr8042014-05-13STTR
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr8062014-03-25STTR
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr8032010-08-06STH&C
Kaiser, Glenn J8082003-04-03Holiday Bowl
Kellner, Darren8011990-94no date
Kellner, Darren8001995-96no date
Kellner, Darren8211995-96no date
Kiolbasa, David B8202007-11-09SKMCP
Kirsling, Rick J8161971-84no date
Kuhnley, Marsha D8031998-06-22Eu-Can Bowl
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr8022018-09-18STMX3
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr8002016-12-08STSS
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr8162016-09-15STSS
Laycox, Craig A8122012-06-12SKTNF
Laycox, Craig A8032007-12-21SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A8272006-02-17SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A8022005-10-21SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A8012005-04-14Lucky 66
Laycox, Craig A8232004-01-27Eu-Can Bowl
Laycox, Craig A8171999-10-27Holiday Bowl
Laycox, Craig A8141999-10-04Eu-Can Bowl
Lee, Haskell T8452019-03-07STHCF
Lee, Haskell T8012017-03-16STK&Q
Lemieux, Larry8261971-84no date
Lemieux, Larry8001971-84no date
Lentsch, Scott J8272008-10-23LUSDM
Lentsch, Scott J8012008-09-04LUSDM
Lentsch, Scott J8002008-01-17HOHNL
Lewis, Theran M8122004-01-20Tenpins & More
Lino, Chris A8062012-06-22HOTGF
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H8452004-01-14Holiday Bowl
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H8001997-10-22Holiday Bowl
Lober, Jack8121991-01-01no date
Loner, Joe L8271984-1990no date
Loner, Joe L8001984-1990no date
Loner, Joe L8001984-1990no date
Loner, Joe L8042007-03-06SLPCL
Loner, Joe L8052007-01-30SLPCL
Loner, Joe L8312003-10-28Silva Lanes
Loner, Joe L8042000-02-24Eu-Can Bowl
Lopez, Andy L8042006-12-07LUSML
Lucas, Roger8041971-84no date
Lucero, Diego J8052018-01-16STMX3
Lund, John C8052013-07-08TPSTS
Lytle, Donald D8021995-96no date
Lytle, Donald D8001997-10-14Holiday Bowl
Machuga, Michael R8042000-09-10Holiday Bowl
Mackie, Steve C8182014-08-06TPJCT
Mackie, Steve C8142013-03-21TPTD2
Mackie, Steve C8172013-02-25TPSTW
Mackie, Steve C8032010-11-08TPSTF
MacLeod, Duncan8111971-84no date
MacPhee, Joseph D8142019-01-27
MacPhee, Joseph D8262014-04-30SLFSM
MacPhee, Joseph D8002013-11-13SLFSM
MacPhee, Joseph D8072011-03-02SLFSM
MacPhee, Joseph D8112010-09-03SKMHI
MacPhee, Trevor S8022016-10-21SLMHI
MacPhee, Trevor S8062013-01-09SLFSM
MacPhee, Trevor S8212008-03-06SLTNB
Madrid, Raymond A8132005-03-25Silva Lanes
Madrid, Raymond A8082004-03-30Silva Lanes
Madrid, Raymond A8012001-05-18Leisure Bowl
Maez, Alfred G8162018-04-14
Maki, Roger E8012012-01-28
Maki, Roger E8012011-04-02
Maki, Roger E8231999-08-23Eu-Can Bowl
Mallory, Gregory T8042006-11-13SKREE
Martin, Eric S8172004-06-07Tenpins & More
Martinez, John W8122000-04-04Holiday Bowl
Martinez, Max, Jr8012003-03-09Silva Lanes
Masterson, Tyler A8102013-05-16FCBMT
Matthies, Josh8142006-12-21HOBLH
Mcclintick, John N8202016-02-19SLMHI
Mcclintick, John N8352013-01-22
Mcclintick, John N8042010-12-06HOPOL
Mcclintick, John N8042010-09-10SKMHI
Mcclintick, John N8052010-02-28
Mcclintick, John N8342007-04-20SKMCP
Mcclintick, John N8292005-11-25SKMCP
Mcclung, Keith A8122011-11-08STTR
Mcclung, Keith A8552009-05-14LUSDM
Mcclung, Keith A8122000-06-08Sun Valley Bowl
McComb, Chuck8101971-84no date
McComb, Scott8001993-94no date
McComb, Scott8271984-1990no date
McComb, Scott8001984-1990no date
McComb, Scott8001984-1990no date
McComb, Scott8001991-01-01no date
McComb, Scott8001991-01-01no date
McMillin, Harold L8332003-04-24Holiday Bowl
McMillin, Harold L8072002-05-02Holiday Bowl
Medina, Jeremy A8272014-03-22
Medina, Jeremy A8242008-10-14STTR
Medina, Justin A8102013-01-23TPBSD
Merrick, Joseph T8032001-03-21Tenpins & More
Miera, Robert J8472018-02-05HOGF
Miller, Carl R8042009-11-24HOITA
Miller, Carl R8172009-03-22
Miller, Carl R8112004-09-19Lucky 66
Miller, Carl R8031999-08-02Eu-Can Bowl
Miller, Lance L8022018-02-14
Miller, Michael A8041990-94no date
Miller, Michael A8152018-02-07HOMSC
Miller, Michael A8062017-11-13TPSTF
Miller, Michael A8042016-12-23SLMHI
Miller, Michael A8122013-10-28TPBSD
Miller, Michael A8252011-07-18TPSDS
Miller, Michael A8252011-01-27STRB
Miller, Michael A8062010-11-09STTR
Miller, Michael A8012010-09-28STTR
Miller, Michael A8282010-02-23STTR
Miller, Michael A8122007-06-04TPMSD
Miller, Michael A8002005-06-06Tenpins & More
Miller, Michael A8152003-11-18Silva Lanes
Miller, Michael A8052003-04-30Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8012019-08-12TPMSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8052018-05-09TPJCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8162018-05-07TPMDC
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8152018-01-17TPBHT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8012017-07-24TPST
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8012017-06-22TPTD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8262013-12-02TPSTW
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8182013-11-07TPTD1
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8022013-11-04TPSTW
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8062013-02-04TPBSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8362012-11-04
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8052011-12-01TPTD1
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8022011-06-16TPTDS
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8122011-02-14TPSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8042006-07-31TPMSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8442004-06-07Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8042001-10-10Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C8331995-03-20
Montoya, Randall8122009-03-17STTR
Morley, Barry D8102012-10-11SKIND
Morrin, Douglas L, Jr8352010-11-18FCBMT
Muller, Eric M8071999-09-16Sun Valley Bowl
Murrell, Tharon J8012012-02-24HOFF
Nance, JohnDavid W8122009-10-14HOAHP
Nance, JohnDavid W8062008-12-09STTR
Nance, JohnDavid W8242008-01-03SLTNB
Nance, JohnDavid W8022007-07-18STWSL
Nance, JohnDavid W8062006-05-07
Napolitano, Victor8032014-04-29STTR
Napolitano, Victor8022008-12-16TPRR
Navarrette, Rick W, Jr8032017-03-16STHCF
Nguyen, Nathan8132020-02-12TPBT
Nieto, Joe A8082006-10-05STRBS
Orrie, Charles D, Jr8262012-02-20HOPOL
Ortega, Angel8132016-02-26TPRR
Ortega, Angel8032015-02-20TPRR
Ortega, Angel8012015-01-21TPBHT
Ortega, Angel8082014-07-16TPJCT
Ortega, Sam8022000-01-09Holiday Bowl
Parker, Keith A8001990-94no date
Parker, Keith A8171984-1990no date
Parker, Keith A8242012-04-28
Parker, Keith A8132010-06-20
Parker, Keith A8132009-02-03SKTNM
Parker, Keith A8001991-01-01no date
Patnode, Laine K8482014-03-18STTR
Patnode, Laine K8032014-01-14STTR
Patnode, Laine K8182006-05-07
Patterson, C J 8002016-10-07SLMHI
Patterson, C J 8262013-01-20
Patterson, C J 8472013-01-03FCBMT
Patterson, C J 8112008-05-02SKMCP
Patterson, C J 8272006-11-10SKMCP
Patterson, C J 8012006-02-26
Patterson, C J 8162004-02-03Silva Lanes
Patterson, C J 8012002-03-12Silva Lanes
Patterson, C J 8022002-01-30Holiday Bowl
Patterson, C J 8152001-11-21Holiday Bowl
Patterson, C J 8002001-09-27Holiday Bowl
Patterson, C J 8012001-03-13Silva Lanes
Patterson, Charles L8142003-02-27Holiday Bowl
Patterson, Patrick T8042010-06-30STTWS
Patterson, Patrick T8022010-05-21STHCF
Patterson, Patrick T8082008-04-16STTWL
Patterson, Patrick T8022006-01-18STTWL
Payne, Chris M8032019-12-10SL5WB
Payne, Chris M8222017-10-10SLTT
Payne, Chris M8072016-11-29SLFWB
Pepper, John J8111995-96no date
Pepper, John J8012006-11-21SKBTM
Pepper, John J8382006-04-12SKNC2
Pierce, Tom8071984-1990no date
Pinder, Gary O, Jr8312015-12-02STTWL
Pinge, Samuel W8132019-03-07HOBLH
Pinge, Samuel W8012019-02-04
Pinge, Samuel W8022018-06-14HOTD
Pinge, Samuel W8052017-11-06TPMDC
Pinge, Samuel W8082017-10-04HOMSC
Pinge, Samuel W8362016-03-21TPMSL
Pinge, Samuel W8362016-02-10HOMSC
Pinge, Samuel W8032016-01-06HOWNM
Pinge, Samuel W8002015-09-30HOWNM
Pinge, Samuel W8252015-03-27SKMHI
Pinge, Samuel W8142014-02-22
Pinge, Samuel W8032014-02-22
Pinge, Samuel W8102009-11-06SKMHI
Pratt, Jason M8052020-10-08SLIND
Quintana, Demosthenes M8132014-05-13STTR
Quintana, Demosthenes M8132014-03-27TPME
Quintana, Demosthenes M8142014-03-13TPME
Ragsdale, William T8262018-04-12HOBLH
Ragsdale, William T8262017-09-15HOFF
Ragsdale, William T8152017-09-13HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T8242017-01-04HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T8472016-03-22HOITA
Ragsdale, William T8442016-03-09HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T8132016-01-13HOWNM
Ragsdale, William T8422015-10-14HOWNM
Ragsdale, William T8032015-09-18HOFF
Rahe, Mike8021971-84no date
Rahe, Mike8001971-84no date
Reitmann, Richard8371984-1990no date
Richard, Luke J8072010-08-23TPMSD
Richard, Luke J8052008-01-23TPBCT
Richard, Luke J8172004-06-14Silva Lanes
Richard, Luke J8272001-05-10Tenpins & More
Richard, Luke J8572000-06-19Tenpins & More
Richardson, Kevin E8462012-10-25FCBMT
Richardson, Kevin E8032012-05-10FCBMT
Richardson, Kevin E8262012-01-22
Richardson, Kevin E8272012-01-03STTR
Richardson, Kevin E8062011-11-18SKMHI
Richardson, Kevin E8152010-02-20
Richardson, Kevin E8012009-12-08STTR
Richardson, Kevin E8222009-10-21TPBST
Rico, Lorenzo A8152014-06-02STTWS
Rico, Lorenzo A8022013-07-11STRBS
Ridenour, Jason A8062016-01-21TPME
Riley, Michael W8232015-03-12TPME
Roberts, James A8232001-06-30Holiday Bowl
Robinson, Brian D8122007-02-12STDTL
Romero, Dion L8022014-03-25STTR
Romero, Dion L8052013-11-19STTR
Romero, Joe G8052018-02-23TPRR
Romero, Joe G8222016-03-22TP2+2
Romero, Joe G8212015-01-16TPRR
Romero, Joe G8022014-10-31TPRR
Romero, Joe G8052012-02-02FCBMT
Romero, Joe G8032011-03-17STRB
Romero, Joe G8112010-12-02STRB
Romero, Joe G8592010-11-04STRB
Romero, Joe G8032010-09-02STRB
Romero, Joe G8452009-01-23STHCF
Romero, Joe G8242008-09-02STTR
Romero, Joe G8462008-07-29STSSL
Romero, Joe G8042008-01-11STHCF
Romero, Joe G8272007-08-08STWSL
Romero, Joe G8062007-08-01STWSL
Romero, Joe G8262007-06-13STWSL
Romero, Joe G8142007-01-14
Romero, Joe G8092006-09-08SKMCP
Romero, Joe G8182004-11-23Silva Lanes
Rossander, Ralph8131984-1990no date
Rossander, Ralph8401971-84no date
Salvemini, Joe H8072000-04-07Holiday Bowl
Sanchez, Ronald (Richard) R8042007-02-13STTRF
Sanchez, Ruben L8132011-04-05STTR
Sandoval, Henry D8142010-04-27STTR
Saul, Richard D8142018-03-12SLOF
Schafer, Mike8041995-96no date
Scott, Donald W8042017-02-25
Scott, Joseph I8001997-10-17Eu-Can Bowl
Scott, Ray C8132018-11-02SLMHI
Sedillo, George8112014-09-25HOHN
Sellers, Justin Wade8042003-11-06Holiday Bowl
Sellers, Justin Wade8772003-01-03Holiday Bowl
Sellers, Justin Wade8001999-10-29Eu-Can Bowl
Shannon, Shauna T8022011-02-18SKMHI
Sheridan, Peter N8342020-02-12TPBT
Sheridan, Peter N8022014-07-09STTWS
Sheridan, Peter N8152014-04-08STTR
Sheridan, Peter N8042011-04-26SLFSM
Sheridan, Peter N8022011-04-12STTR
Sheridan, Peter N8012010-03-31TPBST
Sherwood, Greg8031995-96no date
Sherwood, Rick8141984-1990no date
Silva, Jason A8042017-02-21SLFWB
Silva, Jason A8262012-10-02SLFWB
Silva, Justin A8262012-07-10SLHSN
Silva, Justin A8132012-02-23SLTNL
Silva, Justin A8042009-04-23SLTNB
Silva, Mike8001991-92no date
Silva, Mike8001990-94no date
Silva, Mike8261984-1990no date
Skidmore, Brian J8052016-11-22SLMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8032013-10-15STTR
Skidmore, Brian J8022012-02-03SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8142011-10-21SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8172010-09-10SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8262010-09-03SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8002010-08-27SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8002010-05-14SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J8022007-05-15SLPCL
Skidmore, Brian J8202006-05-21
Skidmore, Brian J8012003-08-19Silva Lanes
Skidmore, Gary A8241984-1990no date
Skidmore, Gary A8142011-02-10HOBLH
Skidmore, Gary A8002010-04-22HOBLH
Skidmore, Gary A8162008-10-09HOBHL
Skidmore, Gary A8162006-05-21HOAYD
Skidmore, Gary A8462006-05-18HOAYD
Skidmore, Gary A8242005-06-29Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A8072002-12-04Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A8432001-10-01Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A8022001-04-27Holiday Bowl
Sklarski, Steven8032004-02-21Holiday Bowl
Small, Samuel L8052010-01-08HOFF
Smith, Matthew D8001995-96no date
Smith, Matthew D8571994-95no date
Smith, Matthew D8072019-10-27
Smith, Matthew D8052019-06-11HOH4S
Smith, Matthew D8072019-03-20SLB5S
Smith, Matthew D8072019-03-06SLB5S
Smith, Matthew D8052018-06-11TPMSD
Smith, Matthew D8142016-11-16SLLB5
Smith, Matthew D8001997-10-08Holiday Bowl
Smith, Ronald E, Sr8192017-04-05STTWL
Smith, Rusty8241971-84no date
Spencer, Dennis C8052001-10-02Silva Lanes
Stomp, John M, III8042013-02-07HOBLH
Templeton, Dave N8062018-06-04TPMDC
Templeton, Dave N8232007-12-27LUSML
Templeton, Dave N8022007-01-11HOBLH
Thomas, Archie8031971-84no date
Tillery, Jim R8052013-04-18FCBMT
Tillery, Jim R8112008-03-11STTRF
Tillery, Jim R8042007-02-13STTRF
Tolson, David T8032013-02-28FCBMT
Tolson, David T8022003-12-09Silva Lanes
Tran, Matthew C8032018-06-23
Tran, Matthew C8132014-04-22STJAC
Travis, Don G8102009-04-17SKMHI
Travis, Don G8042005-10-14SKMCP
Travis, Don G8022005-10-07SKMCP
Travis, Don G8472001-11-08Holiday Bowl
Tully, Charles E, III8132002-05-05Tenpins & More
Ulibarri, Christopher M8022011-05-15
Valdez, Merwin L8052009-11-27STHCF
Van Hecke, Ian D8132013-10-01STTR
Van Meter, Mark D8142010-02-04SLTAL
Van Meter, Mark D8052010-01-17Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8062010-01-15SKMHI
Van Meter, Mark D8032008-10-25Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8172008-02-08SKMCP
Van Meter, Mark D8152008-01-31HOBLH
Van Meter, Mark D8032005-12-04(T) Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8202005-06-23Lucky 66
Van Meter, Mark D8142004-05-22(T) Starlight Bowling
Van Meter, Mark D8042002-03-21Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8002000-05-22Eu-Can Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8012000-03-21Eu-Can Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8061999-10-09(T) Fun Lanes
Van Meter, Mark D8031999-09-21Eu-Can Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D8051993-04-14
Van Meter, Mark D8001991-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D8001985-03-15
Van Meter, Mark D8141979-11-18
Van Meter, Mark D8061979-04-08
Van Meter, Mark D8041979-02-24
Van Meter, Mark D8591978-03-27Eu-Can Bowl
Vancil, Craig A8051990-94no date
Vancil, Craig A8002004-01-13Silva Lanes
Vanderlip, Eric, H8002018-03-09SLMHI
Vanderlip, Eric, H8122010-09-02HOBLH
Vanderlip, Eric, H8472010-01-21HOBLH
Vargas, Sara A8362016-02-27
Wagner, Tim8132004-11-18Silva Lanes
Walter, Christopher8041994-95no date
Watson, Michael D8032005-11-21SLSUP
Way, Devin R8072001-07-26Sun Valley Bowl
Weaver, Eric S8272008-02-14HOBLH
Webb, Chris N8492011-03-05TPSD
Wells, Bill8001971-84no date
Wells, Bill8001971-84no date
Wells, Bill8051972-02-01no date
Wells, Bill8351971-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Wells, Ron8001971-84no date
Wilcox, Geoff (Loy)8041984-1990no date
Wilcox, Geoff (Loy)8001984-1990no date
Winn, Gerry8141991-01-01no date
Woolsey, Levi G8152014-07-28TPSDS
Woolsey, Levi G8342014-03-17TPSTS
Worthen, Jeremy A8082016-12-08TPME
Wright, Glenn D, III8031991-92no date
Wright, Glenn D, III8032010-05-06SLTAL
Wright, Glenn D, III8062008-01-25SKMCP
Wright, Glenn D, III8001998-04-24Eu-Can Bowl
Wright, Glenn D, III8001998-04-08Eu-Can Bowl
Wright, Glenn D, III8001991-01-01no date
Yoder, Paul H8111990-94no date
Yoder, Paul H8001990-94no date
Yoder, Paul H8021984-1990no date
Yoder, Paul H8162018-02-14HOMSC
Yoder, Paul H8152014-01-08HOBSC
Yoder, Paul H8062008-01-16HOAHP
Yoder, Paul H8142007-06-16
Yoder, Paul H8072002-09-04Holiday Bowl
Yoder, Paul H8102002-02-13Holiday Bowl
Yoder, Paul H8152001-02-08Holiday Bowl
Yoder, William J8062018-03-21HOMSC
Yoder, William J8162018-03-01HOBLH
Yoder, William J8052017-01-19HOBLH
Yoder, William J8012016-07-28HOTD
Yoder, William J8102016-05-04HOWNM
Yoder, William J8142016-04-21HOBLH
Yoder, William J8592015-12-02HOWNM
Yoder, William J8662015-06-26HOTGF
Young, John W8002010-08-27SKMHI
Young, John W8152006-11-10SKMCP
Young, John W8162006-11-03SKMCP
Young, John W8262004-12-16Holiday Bowl
Young, John W8052003-10-03Leisure Bowl
Young, John W8252003-07-30Holiday Bowl
Young, John W8062003-02-13Holiday Bowl
Young, John W8132002-12-05Holiday Bowl
Young, John W8352002-10-10Holiday Bowl
Young, John W8142001-12-20Holiday Bowl
Young, John W8251981-01-01no date
Zamora, Mark8031971-84no date
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8122018-12-14SLMHI
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8242016-04-04TPMSL
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8052016-02-28TPMSL
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8262016-02-27TPMSL
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8022016-01-22SLMHI
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8172013-10-08STTR
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8322012-10-31TPBCD
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A8102006-01-31SLPCL