300 Games from 1971-84 were gathered from old average books with no specific dates listed

Abeyta, Isaac1993-03-11
Abrahamson, Art2015-08-27TPTDS
Acrey, John J1995-09-25Holiday Bowl
Adelman, Ronald E2010-02-16KITNR
Adkins, Larry A2011-10-04STTR
Aguilar, Sam1988-04-28
Alexander, William H2019-10-24STHCF
Allen, Floyd L2000-05-01Holiday Bowl
Altenburg, Eric M2015-12-03HOBLH
Altenburg, Eric M2015-04-09HOBLH
Altenburg, Eric M2008-12-22HOPOL
Anaya, Derrick R2003-04-29Holiday Bowl
Anchondo, Isaac E2012-12-18HOCHL
Andrews, Andy1971 -84no date
Ankeny, Ken1983-11-27no date
Ankeny, Ken1979-03-25no date
Ankeny, Ken1979-03-23no date
Ankeny, Ken1979-02-04no date
Ankeny, Ken1978-06-26no date
Ankeny, Ken1978-03-19Valley Bowl
Ankeny, Royce1987-04-06
Ankeny, Royce1982-03-21no date
Ankeny, Royce1976-08-06no date
Ankeny, Royce1972-07-21no date
Ankeny, Royce1972-03-05no date
Ankeny, Royce1972-02-19no date
Apodaca, Jesse E2010-03-30SKTNM
Apodaca, Jesse E2008-12-09SKTNM
Apodaca, Jesse E2006-11-08SKNCL
Aragon, Julio A2014-05-20STTR
Aragon, Julio A2012-02-23STRB
Aragon, Julio A2012-01-20STHCF
Aragon, Nicholas S2011-02-18HOFF
Archuleta, Frank C2010-08-24SKTNM
Archuleta, Frank C2010-03-26SKMHI
Archuleta, Frank C2009-06-01SKTNF
Archuleta, Frank C2008-01-15SKTNM
Archuleta, Frank C2006-02-14SKBTM
Argo, Don V2000-09-12Holiday Bowl
Armijo, Tom A2018-02-05HOGF
Armstrong, R L2004-02-29Leisure Bowl
Armstrong, R L1995-11-17Leisure Bowl
Armstrong, R L1979-04-07
Armstrong, R L1978-10-03
Arriola, Ray E2018-01-11STHCF
Austin, Gary W1997-03-23
Austin, Gary W1996-02-22Holiday Bowl
Austin, Gary W1986-12-22
Austin, Michael1995-96
Austin, Patricia2000-09-13Tenpins & More
Avery, Jimmy L2012-12-05SLFSM
Avery, Jimmy L2007-12-06SKIND
Avery, Jimmy L2006-03-31SKMCP
Avery, Jimmy L2005-11-01HOCHL
Avery, Jimmy L2003-04-10Leisure Bowl
Azevedo, Donald J2006-11-19HOSSL
Baca, Jeremy E2005-08-27YOUTH – HO
Baca, Tony1972-08-01Fiesta Lanes
Bacoccini, Aaron L2018-10-10HOXSC
Bacoccini, Aaron L2018-01-31HOMSC
Bacoccini, Aaron L2016-02-25HOBLH
Bacoccini, Aaron L2015-07-30HOTD
Bacoccini, Aaron L2015-03-05HOBLH
Bacoccini, Aaron L2014-10-08HOBSC
Bacoccini, Aaron L2014-06-24HOH4S
Bacoccini, Aaron L2013-10-30HOBSC
Bacoccini, Aaron L2010-04-20HOITA
Bacoccini, Aaron L2010-01-14HOBLH
Bahr, Charlie E2019-01-10TPME
Bahr, Charlie E2012-09-12TPBCD
Bailey, Christopher J2006-01-22TPBUD
Bailey, John2010-10-16Leisure Bowl
Baker, Don H2004-08-04Holiday Bowl
Ballengee,Dwayne A2001-10-16Holiday Bowl
Ballengee,Dwayne A2000-12-12EuCan Bowl
Ballengee,Dwayne A2000-03-01Holiday Bowl
Ballengee,Dwayne A1999-12-08Holiday Bowl
Banks, Nicole A2005-01-13Silva Lanes
Barboa, Sharon M.1991-02-28Leisure Bowl
Barcal, Karen K2018-06-17TPST
Barker, Glen D2003-11-09Tenpins & More
Barker, Ken1975-04-04
Barnard, Zachary B2015-12-02SLLB5
Barnard, Zachary B2011-01-13HOBLH
Barnard, Zachary B2006-01-14YOUTH – SL
Barteau, Robert A2021-05-25SLHSN
Barteau, Robert A2017-02-17HOFF
Barteau, Robert A2017-01-27HOFF
Barteau, Robert J2018-02-23HOFF
Barteau, Robert J2017-08-11HOTGI
Barteau, Robert J2017-07-06HOAYD
Barteau, Robert J2017-02-26Tenpins & More
Barteau, Robert J2016-05-19HOTD
Barteau, Robert J2016-04-15HOFF
Barteau, Robert J2016-04-07HOBLH
Barteau, Robert J2014-12-13Holiday Bowl
Barteau, Robert J2014-05-30HOTGF
Barteau, Robert J2013-06-08Holiday Bowl
Barteau, Robert J2013-03-20FCTF
Barteau, Robert J2012-11-19FCBAD
Barteau, Robert J2012-07-23HO2K+
Barteau, Robert J2012-04-03FCILL
Barteau, Robert J2012-03-02HOFF
Barteau, Robert J2010-11-08FCBAD
Barton, Robert1995-96no date
Barton, Robert1995-01-24
Basham, Lance E2000-09-22Leisure Bowl
Bauer, John P2017-02-22HOWNM
Bauer, Scott B2018-10-30HOITA
Bauer, Scott B2018-10-09HOITA
Bauer, Scott B2012-10-16HOCHL
Bauer, Scott B2011-11-01HOCHL
Bauer, Scott B2008-04-22SKTNM
Baugh, Jason1999-10-04Leisure Bowl
Bayles, Harvey D1995-04-07
Bayless, Max (Chip) W1996-03-26Bosque Farms Bowl
Bell, Anthony (T-Bone) W2012-06-03Fun Connection
Benard, Deo 2018-09-14YOUTH – TP
Benard, Deo 2018-03-15YOUTH – HS
Benard, Rick2019-04-29TPSTS
Benard, Rick2019-03-18TPMDC
Benard, Rick2019-02-24Tenpins & More
Benard, Rick2019-02-06TPBHT
Benard, Rick2018-04-26FCBMT
Benard, Rick2018-04-14Tenpins & More
Benard, Rick2018-02-25Silva Lanes
Benard, Rick2017-12-20HOMSC
Benard, Rick2017-02-25Tenpins & More
Bencomo, Matias1994-11-23
Bencomo, Roberto B2012-01-11SLFSM
Bencomo, Roberto B1998-03-10EuCan Bowl
Bergmann, Chris1987-09-22
Berry, Casey1998-02-09EuCan Bowl
Berry, Casey1997-04-15
Berry, Casey1996-11-07
Berry, Casey1995-02-16
Berry, Casey1994-02-18
Berry, Casey1993-09-16
Berry, Casey1989-04-05
Berry, Casey1983-04-03
Berry, Casey1981-12-06
Berry, Casey1981-10-20
Berry, Casey1980-11-02
Berry, Casey1979-11-05
Berry, Casey1979-04-11
Berry, Jack1997-05-01
Berry, Jack1995-03-30
Berry, Jack1992-01-02
Berry, Ken1982-11-29
Bierly, Paul S, Jr2007-06-11TPMSD-G1
Bierly, Paul S, Jr2007-06-11TPMSD-G2
Bierly, Paul S, Jr2004-03-05Silva Lanes -G1
Bierly, Paul S, Jr2004-03-05Silva Lanes-G2
Bierly, Paul S, Jr2001-08-27Silva Lanes
Bierly, Paul S, Jr2001-05-08
Bierly, Paul S, Jr1998-05-20EuCan Bowl
Bierly, Paul S, Jr1998-01-26EuCan Bowl
Bierly, Paul S, Jr1996-10-16
Bierly, Paul S, Jr1993-03-11
Birge, Andrew1995-03-23
Bishop, Randy F2007-03-29STRBS
Bispo, Thomas R2008-01-21HOPOL
Black, Freddie L2008-04-14HOPOL
Black, Freddie L2004-09-20Holiday Bowl
Blackwell, Curtis2021-06-03HBBLH
Blair, Gary2018-10-09HOITA
Blair, Gary2016-08-23HOITA
Blair, Gary2014-05-13HOITA
Blair, Gary2011-09-08SKIND
Blake, Steven P2006-07-18SKTNF
Blanton, James W2020-02-09Silva Lanes
Blanton, James W2018-11-30SLMHI
Blanton, James W2009-03-24SKTNM
Blanton, James W2009-02-03SKTNM
Bledsoe, Brian N2018-06-11TPMSD
Bledsoe, Brian N2016-10-19HOMSC
Bliven, Michael A1997-12-03Holiday Bowl
Bliven, Michael A1997-11-26Holiday Bowl
Bliven, Michael A1997-11-10EuCan Bowl
Bocanegra, Albert1979-12-27
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2019-10-07TPSTF-G2
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2019-10-07TPSTF -G1
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2019-09-18TPBT
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2019-09-17TPPA2
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2016-03-28TPFAW
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2015-04-06TPRR
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2015-04-03TPRR
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2012-03-03TPSTW
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2012-01-02TPSTF
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2009-10-21STTWL
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2009-05-11STMDS
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2008-06-12STRBS
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2005-05-12Tenpins & More
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2004-09-20Tenpins & More
Bolon, Walter (Bo) D2004-09-07Silva Lanes
Booker, Albert J, Jr2005-10-12TPBCT
Booker, DeeRonn C2019-12-06SLMHI
Booker, DeeRonn C2019-02-12STTWL
Booker, DeeRonn C2018-08-29STTWL
Booker, DeeRonn C2018-06-18TPMSD
Borrowdale, Chrissy2005-08-03Tenpins & More
Borrowdale, Jim1995-01-17
Botkin, Bo2002-01-16Holiday Bowl
Botkin, Sharon R2007-11-30HOFFH
Botkin, Sharon R1999-05-25Lucky 66
Bouckout, Richard1981-11-16
Bowen, Robert W2009-03-13STHCF
Bowling, Patrick W2014-12-02STJAC
Bradley, W. Rocky1969-06-01Fiesta Lanes
Bramblett, Jerry A2000-09-01Tenpins & More
Bramblett, Jerry A2000-07-31Tenpins & More
Brandt, Devan L2013-10-23SLFSM
Brandt, Devan L2010-09-03SKMHI
Brandt, Devan L2010-01-20SLE5S
Brennan, Edward1983-03-28
Brenning, Dan M2019-07-29TPMSD
Brenning, Dan M2019-02-06TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M2018-07-08Tenpins & More
Brenning, Dan M2018-04-11TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M2017-12-13TPBHT
Brenning, Dan M2017-03-05Tenpins & More
Brenning, Dan M2014-06-30TPSDS
Brenning, Dan M2014-05-19TPSDS
Brenning, Dan M2011-11-14TPBSD
Brenning, Dan M2011-04-08SKMHI
Brenning, Dan M2010-10-08SKMHI
Brenning, Dan M2007-10-26SKMCP
Brenning, Dan M2006-02-26Lucky 66
Brenning, Dan M2005-11-11SKMCP
Brock, Robert1991-01-01no date
Brokaw, Joshua L2007-10-02SKTNM
Brokaw, Joshua L2005-03-24Holiday Bowl
Brooks, Danny2002-04-18Silva Lanes
Brooks, Vinner, Jr2014-10-04SKGMB
Brooks, Vinner, Jr2011-12-29SKVIP
Brooks, Vinner, Jr2010-06-17SKVAS
Brooks, Vinner, Jr1999-11-29EuCan Bowl
Brooks, Vinner, Jr1995-01-29
Brooks, Vinner, Jr1994-04-21
Brown, Aaron N2010-04-27HOITA
Brown, Aaron N2007-01-27Leisure Bowl
Brown, Aaron N2004-09-14Holiday Bowl
Brown, Bryan L1984 -90no date
Brown, Bryan L2020-02-04HOITA
Brown, Bryan L2018-04-20SLMHI
Brown, Bryan L2016-02-28SLMHI
Brown, Bryan L2016-02-21HOBLH
Brown, Bryan L2014-11-19HOBSC
Brown, Bryan L2014-01-02FCBMT
Brown, Bryan L2012-06-01SLSFF
Brown, Bryan L2010-09-17SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L2010-04-30SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L2010-02-19SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L2009-10-23SKMHI
Brown, Bryan L2009-10-01SLTAL
Brown, Bryan L2009-04-22SLFSM
Brown, Bryan L2008-03-10HOGFW
Brown, Bryan L2007-05-04SKMCP
Brown, Bryan L2006-03-10SKMCP
Brown, Bryan L2006-01-23HOPOL
Brown, Bryan L1998-06-04Sun Valley Bowl
Brown, Bryan L1998-05-06Sun Valley Bowl
Brown, Bryan L1993-02-21
Brown, Christopher S2019-02-24Tenpins & More
Brown, Christopher S2014-09-09YOUTH – SL
Brown, Dennis L2012-10-16STTR
Brown, Dennis L2012-04-12STRB
Brown, Dennis L2010-11-09STTR
Brown, Dennis L2010-05-27STRB
Brown, Dennis L2010-03-30STTR
Brown, Dennis L2010-01-17Leisure Bowl
Brown, Dennis L2009-08-13STRBS
Brown, Dennis L2009-05-12STTR
Brown, Dennis L2009-04-28STTR
Brown, Dennis L2009-03-24STTR
Brown, Dennis L2009-03-15Leisure Bowl
Brown, Dennis L2008-10-30STRB
Brown, Dennis L2008-05-29STRBS
Brown, Dennis L2006-10-22Starlight Bowling
Brown, Dennis L2006-05-20G1 -Leisure Bowl
Brown, Dennis L2006-05-20G2 -Leisure Bowl
Brown, Dennis L2005-09-20SLPCL
Brown, Dennis L2005-04-18Tenpins & More
Brown, Dennis L2004-04-19Tenpins & More
Brown, Dennis L2003-12-29Tenpins & More
Brown, Dennis L2001-08-28Silva Lanes
Brown, Dennis L2000-07-24EuCan Bowl
Brown, Dennis L1999-10-11Holiday Bowl
Brown, Dennis L1998-12-27EuCan Bowl
Brown, Dennis L1998-12-07Silva Lanes
Brown, Dennis L1997-12-29
Brown, Dennis L1997-03-22
Brown, Dennis L1997-02-01
Brown, Dennis L1996-09-26
Brown, Dennis L1995-08-13
Brown, Dennis L1995-08-03Sun Valley Bowl
Brown, Dennis L1995-07-27
Brown, Dennis L1995-06-08
Brown, Dennis L1995-05-18
Brown, Dennis L1995-03-23
Brown, Dennis L1994-10-20
Brown, Mer C1995-96no date
Brown, Mer C1995-96no date
Brown, Mer C1995-96no date
Brown, Mer C1994-95no date
Brown, Mer C1994-95no date
Brown, Mer C1994-95no date
Brown, Mer C1971-96no date
Brown, Mer C1971-95no date
Brown, Mer C1995-09-25Fiesta Lanes
Bruce, Brian L2008-02-12HOITA
Bruce, Brian L2007-12-10HOPOL
Bruce, Brian L2004-03-08Holiday Bowl
Bruce, Brian L2002-07-21Tenpins & More
Bruce, Brian L2001-09-18Holiday Bowl
Bruce, Brian L1997-09-02Sun Valley Bowl
Buchholz, Otto A2010-12-13HOPOL
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2015-07-13TPSDS
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2012-02-23TPBCT
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2011-06-02STRBS
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2010-01-29SKMHI
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2010-01-27HOAHP
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2010-01-05STTR
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2009-09-29STTR
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2009-07-30STRBS
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2009-07-23STRBS
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2009-02-11HOAHP
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2003-06-18Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney A, Jr2000-10-16Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney E, Sr2002-03-18Holiday Bowl
Burke, Stoney E, Sr1999-09-17Leisure Bowl
Burks, Michael R2019-11-12TPPA2
Burks, Michael R2014-07-29STMR
Burks, Michael R2013-05-24STH&C
Burks, Michael R2009-06-19STH&C
Burnett, David L2010-10-05SKTNM
Buron, Otto2018-02-20HOITA
Burt, Kelly1984 -90no date
Buster, Terry L1971 -84no date
Buster, Terry L2011-02-04SKMHI
Buster, Terry L2007-11-19SKNFL
Buster, Terry L2007-10-18SKMCP
Buster, Terry L2007-10-04HOHNL
Byer, Clifford M2004-05-19Tenpins & More
Byer, William H2003-12-22Tenpins & More
Cahalan, Patrick G1998-04-15Leisure Bowl
Call, Michael A2012-09-21SKMHI
Campbell, Harry B1984 -90no date
Campbell, William (Buck) A1995-96no date
Campbell, William (Buck) A1995-96no date
Campbell, William (Buck) A2011-05-30STDTS
Campbell, William (Buck) A2006-02-19Lucky 66
Campbell, William (Buck) A1996-01-10Fun Lanes
Campbell, William (Buck) A1995-12-16Fun Lanes
Candelaria, Danny1984 -90no date
Candelaria, Danny1996-01-21Sun Valley Bowl
Candelaria, Ray O1995-96no date
Candelaria, Ray O1995-96no date
Candelaria, Ray O2016-03-04TPRR
Candelaria, Ray O2010-09-27STK&Q
Candelaria, Ray O2010-04-30SLFNS
Candelaria, Ray O2009-07-20STDTS
Candelaria, Ray O2007-01-16STTRF
Candelaria, Ray O2000-08-29Leisure Bowl
Candelaria, Richard V2018-01-22STTWL
Candelaria, Richard V2014-03-27HOBLH
Cannizzaro, Matthew R2008-09-14Fun Connection
Cannizzaro, Matthew R2008-05-19SKEFF
Capps, Wryan W2009-09-03HOBLH
Card, Reggie C2016-01-07TPTD1
Card, Reggie C2011-04-22TPRR
Carlin, Matt J2009-12-03SKIND
Carper, Paul J2020-03-06SLMHI
Carper, Paul J2020-01-05TPSST
Carper, Paul J2019-10-24TPME
Carper, Paul J2019-09-02Tenpins & More
Carper, Paul J2012-10-04FCBMT
Carper, Paul J2012-04-18TPBCT
Carper, Paul J2011-01-12TPBST
Carper, Paul J2008-07-06Tenpins & More
Carriaga, Eric L2015-11-08HOSNO
Carriaga, Eric L2014-08-05STMR
Carriaga, Eric L2014-05-05HOGF
Carriaga, Eric L2013-04-03STTWL
Carriaga, Eric L2008-04-17LUSML
Carriaga, Levi1995-96no date
Carriaga, Levi1995-96no date
Carriaga, Levi1995-96no date
Carriaga, Levi1971-97no date
Carriaga, Levi1991-01-01no date
Carrillo, Daphne1989-11-17Fiesta Lanes
Carrillo, Daphne1989-08-15
Carrillo, Daphne1988-11-11Fiesta Lanes
Carrillo, Daphne1988-06-08Fiesta Lanes
Carrillo, Lurie1990-94no date
Carrillo, Lurie1984 -90no date
Carrillo, Mario2013-05-31STH&C
Carrillo, Mario2012-01-13STHCF
Carrillo, Mario2011-06-23STRBS
Carrillo, Mario2009-10-13STTR
Carrillo, Mario2006-11-30STRBS
Carrillo, Mario2006-06-07STSSL
Carrillo, Mario2005-10-24STK&Q
Carrillo, Mark J2010-09-21SKTNM
Carrillo, Roan M2019-06-08Starlight Bowling
Carrillo, Roan M2017-10-05HOBLH
Carrillo, Victor A2007-12-05LUCHM
Carroll, Michael J2004-12-23Silva Lanes
Carroll, Michael J2004-05-18Silva Lanes
Carter, Jerry D, Jr2009-06-04SKTAY
Carter, Jerry D, Jr2008-04-06SKSAY
Carver, Andrew2017-12-21STHCF
Cary, Scott G1984 -89no date
Cary, Scott G1971 -84no date
Cary, Scott G1971 -84no date
Cary, Scott G2011-10-15Silva Lanes
Cary, Scott G2010-12-23FCBMT
Cary, Scott G1988-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Case, Edwin M1971 -84no date
Case, Edwin M2015-12-08HOITA
Case, Edwin M2013-09-17HOITA
Case, Edwin M2013-02-22SKMHI
Case, Edwin M2013-01-16SKMHI
Case, Edwin M2009-05-05HOITA
Case, Edwin M2007-09-28SKMCP
Case, Edwin M2006-04-28SKMCP
Case, Edwin M2004-03-14Silva Lanes
Case, Edwin M2004-01-09Leisure Bowl
Case, Edwin M2003-12-02Holiday Bowl
Case, Edwin M2002-04-02Holiday Bowl
Case, Edwin M2000-12-17Holiday Bowl
Case, Edwin M2000-08-29EuCan Bowl
Case, Edwin M1988-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Castell, Richard1971-98no date
Catsavis, Dino1984 -90no date
Cecil, D. Alex2010-02-05SKMHI
Cerkleski, Jackson L2010-09-15FCNAS
Chacon, Bryan E2010-02-09SKTNM
Chacon, Bryan E1997-10-02Fiesta Lanes
Chavers, Dean2018-04-17HOITA
Chavers, Dean2008-11-17HOPOL
Chavers, Dean2005-12-23SKMCP
Chavers, Dean2000-05-08Holiday Bowl
Chavers, Dean1998-05-05Sun Valley Bowl
Chavers, Dean1996-04-26Leisure Bowl
Chavez, Antonio M2018-02-16SLMHI
Chavez, Antonio M2017-11-01HOWNM
Chavez, Antonio M2016-11-25SLMHI
Chavez, Antonio M2015-11-15HOSNO
Chavez, Antonio M2015-02-27SKMHI
Chavez, Antonio M2015-01-22HOBLH
Chavez, Antonio M2014-05-20STTR
Chavez, Antonio M2011-10-04STTR
Chavez, Antonio M2010-09-10SKMHI
Chavez, Antonio M2010-04-29LUSDM
Chavez, Antonio M2009-05-15SKMHI
Chavez, Antonio M2009-04-17SKMHI
Chavez, Antonio M2008-01-11SKMCP
Chavez, Antonio M2007-10-16HOCHL
Chavez, Antonio M2002-10-08Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Antonio M2002-03-15Leisure Bowl
Chavez, Antonio M2002-02-16Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Antonio M2001-10-23Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Carl S1995-96no date
Chavez, Carl S1995-96no date
Chavez, Carl S1995-96no date
Chavez, Carl S1992-94no date
Chavez, Carl S1992-94no date
Chavez, Carl S1991-92no date
Chavez, Carl S1991-92no date
Chavez, Carl S1991-92no date
Chavez, Carl S1991-92no date
Chavez, Carl S1989 -90no date
Chavez, Carl S1989 -90no date
Chavez, Carl S1989 -90no date
Chavez, Carl S1984 -89no date
Chavez, Carl S1984 -89no date
Chavez, Carl S1984 -89no date
Chavez, Carl S1984 -89no date
Chavez, Carl S1984 -89no date
Chavez, Carl S1984 -89no date
Chavez, Carl S1971 -84no date
Chavez, Carl S1971 -84no date
Chavez, Carl S2019-05-27TPMSD
Chavez, Carl S2018-10-24TPBHT
Chavez, Carl S2017-11-15TPBHT
Chavez, Carl S2016-02-13Silva Lanes
Chavez, Carl S2015-10-17Leisure Bowl
Chavez, Carl S2015-07-17STH&C
Chavez, Carl S2014-04-08STTR
Chavez, Carl S2014-02-04STTR
Chavez, Carl S2014-01-21STTR
Chavez, Carl S2013-10-19Silva Lanes
Chavez, Carl S2013-03-12STTR
Chavez, Carl S2011-03-06Tenpins & More
Chavez, Carl S2010-04-25Silva Lanes
Chavez, Carl S2009-11-27SKMHI
Chavez, Carl S2009-10-08STRB
Chavez, Carl S2008-12-10HOAHP
Chavez, Carl S2007-01-03HOAHP
Chavez, Carl S2006-09-26STTRF
Chavez, Carl S2006-05-10STSSL
Chavez, Carl S2006-01-18HOSC
Chavez, Carl S2004-11-02Starlight Bowling
Chavez, Carl S2004-04-20Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Carl S2001-09-12Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Carl S1999-04-08Silva Lanes
Chavez, Carl S1999-02-13Skidz Family Entertainment
Chavez, Carl S1998-12-21Silva Lanes
Chavez, Carl S1998-08-03EuCan Bowl
Chavez, Carl S1998-07-28EuCan Bowl
Chavez, Carl S1998-07-20EuCan Bowl
Chavez, Carl S1988-06-01no date
Chavez, David2015-08-24STK&Q
Chavez, David A1995-96no date
Chavez, David A1995-96no date
Chavez, David A1995-96no date
Chavez, David A2000-11-01Silva Lanes
Chavez, Gil2016-05-17TPWPP
Chavez, Gil2015-02-26TPME
Chavez, Gil2013-07-10TPJCT
Chavez, Jimmy S, Jr2003-05-21Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Lawrence2005-03-24Holiday Bowl
Chavez, Santiago F2006-03-04Lucky 66
Chicharello, Ryan1991-92no date
Chosa, Jose R2010-04-10Leisure Bowl
Clark, Debbie L1995-08-23
Clark, John A2003-02-12Holiday Bowl
Clark, Philip W2012-12-06FCBMT
Cleary, Jack1971 -84no date
Cleland, Alex J2019-07-09HOH4S
Cleland, Alex J2018-03-07HOMSC
Cleland, Alex J2006-06-24YOUTH – LB
Click, Leonard E2019-10-03HOVIP
Click, Leonard E2016-02-29FCBAD
Click, Leonard E2015-01-27SKTNR
Cobine, Daniel F2016-03-14TPMSL
Cobine, Daniel F2014-09-19HOFF
Cobine, Daniel F2014-05-22HOAYE
Cobine, Daniel F2013-07-07TPWPP
Cobine, Daniel F2012-10-02STTR
Cobine, Daniel F2012-05-27Tenpins & More
Coffel, Richard L2004-03-15Tenpins & More
Coffey, Karyn L2009-02-01Starlight Bowling
Coffey, Rusty W2020-01-31TPNAM
Coffman, James R, Jr2019-09-09TPBT
Coffman, James R, Jr2015-10-19TPSTF
Conde, Manuel B, Jr2017-01-11STTWL
Conrad, Steve P1971 -84no date
Conrad, Steve P2018-04-17HOITA
Conrad, Steve P2014-11-19HOBSC
Conrad, Steve P2013-09-25HOBSC
Conrad, Steve P2011-01-21SKMHI
Conrad, Steve P2004-03-05Holiday Bowl
Conrad, Steve P2000-01-18EuCan Bowl
Cook, Tyler D2013-04-19STHCF
Copsey, Jim1984 -90no date
Cordova, Danny1984 -90no date
Cordova, Joseph R2004-10-21Silva Lanes
Cordova, Juan 1971-99no date
Cordova, Juan S2009-03-15Leisure Bowl
Cordova, Juan S2003-02-23Holiday Bowl
Cordova, Juan S2002-01-14Leisure Bowl
Correa, John A1995-96no date
Correa, John A1985-94no date
Correa, John A1971 -84no date
Correa, John A2013-11-14HOBLH
Correa, John A2013-02-19SLFWB
Correa, John A2013-01-19Fun Connection
Correa, John A2012-03-02SKMHI
Correa, John A2003-01-21Silva Lanes
Correa, John A2002-10-30Tenpins & More
Correa, John A2002-10-06Tenpins & More
Correa, John A2000-03-23EuCan Bowl
Correa, John A2000-02-03EuCan Bowl
Correa, John A1999-11-09EuCan Bowl
Correa, John A1999-08-16EuCan Bowl
Correa, John A1997-10-13EuCan Bowl
Cosper, Gary P1995-08-31Sun Valley Bowl
Cosper, Terry D1995-11-30Sun Valley Bowl
Cottrill, Robert G2000-01-19Tenpins & More
Courtney, Howard B1984 -90no date
Crawford, Reginald W2015-11-23HOREE
Creager, Mike, Sr2018-03-02TPNAM
Cress, Tom1984 -89no date
Cress, Tom1971 -84no date
Cress, Tom1971 -84no date
Crider, Phillip O2000-11-29Silva Lanes
Cruz, Rob1971-00no date
Cuaron, Charlie G2005-11-01SKBTM
Cuevas, Sam2005-09-10Leisure Bowl – JBT YOUTH
Cunningham, Stephen A2016-04-20STTWL
Curtis, William (Will), Sr1991-92no date
Curtis, William (Will), Sr1984 -90no date
Curtis, William (Will), Sr2013-06-05STTWS
Curtis, William (Will), Sr2009-12-11SKMHI
Curtis, William (Will), Sr2009-10-30SKMHI
Curtis, William (Will), Sr2006-09-24SLNMR
Curtis, William (Will), Sr2006-03-07HOCHL
Curtis, William (Will), Sr2002-04-12Tenpins & More
Daniels, James E, Jr2008-11-24HOGFW
Daniels, James E, Jr2004-09-21Silva Lanes
Danks, Melissa2018-12-13HOBLH
Davenport, James R2011-08-11SKVAS
Davenport, James R2010-02-12SKMHI
Davis, J T1995-96no date
Davis, J T1995-96no date
Davis, J T1991-92no date
Davis, J T1984 -90no date
Davis, Theodore J2017-03-31SLMHI
Day, Morris E2011-10-20SKIND
Dayhoff, Rich1984 -90no date
DeDera, Justin L2011-04-08SKMHI
DeDera, Justin L2009-10-09SKMHI
DeDera, Justin L2009-05-15SKMHI
DeDera, Justin L2005-10-29Starlight Bowling – JBT YOUTH
Delmore, James R2017-08-21STKAQ
Delmore, James R2012-05-02SLFSM
Delmore, James R2010-01-05STTR
Dennison, Richard C2003-05-28Holiday Bowl
Derrick, Steven H1991-92no date
Derrick, Steven H1984 -89no date
Derrick, Steven H1984 -89no date
Derrick, Steven H1984 -89no date
Derrick, Steven H1984 -89no date
Derrick, Steven H1971 -84no date
Derrick, Steven H2001-07-02Silva Lanes
Derrick, Steven H2000-03-14EuCan Bowl
Derrick, Steven H1999-09-21EuCan Bowl
Derrick, Steven H1991-01-01no date
DeTommaso, Brad J2007-05-25HOTGF
Devenzeio, Patrick J2000-09-14Holiday Bowl
Dicello, James A2001-10-04Silva Lanes
Dicello, James A2001-10-03Silva Lanes
Dickerson, Carl1971 -84no date
Dickerson, Carl1971 -84no date
Dillman, Robert A2014-06-09TPSDS
Dillman, Robert A2014-02-20FCBMT
Dillman, Robert A2013-07-08TPSDS
Dillman, Robert A2012-09-13Tenpins & More
Dillman, Robert A2012-01-09TPBSD
Dillman, Robert A2011-12-16SKMHI
Dillman, Robert A2011-07-13TPJCT
Dillman, Robert A2011-03-05Tenpins & More
Dillman, Robert A2011-01-25STTR
Dillman, Robert A2010-12-08TPBST
Dillman, Robert A2010-10-21STRB
Dillman, Robert A2010-05-17TPMSD
Dillman, Robert A2010-03-19TPRR
Dillman, Robert A2010-02-27Silva Lanes
Dillman, Robert A2010-02-24TPBST
Dillman, Robert A2009-08-09Silva Lanes
Dillman, Robert A2008-06-24STSSL
Dillman, Robert A2007-12-04STTRF
Dillman, Robert A2007-07-09TPMSD
Dillman, Robert A2006-12-07TPMEL
Dillman, Robert A2006-03-15TPBCT
Dillman, Robert A2005-04-12Silva Lanes
Disch, Brandon W2005-02-22Silva Lanes
Disch, Brandon W2004-01-08Silva Lanes
Doll, John W2000-03-01Tenpins & More
Donovan, Guy1984 -90no date
Douglas, Charles E2019-05-10SLMHI
Douglas, Charles E2017-06-01HOVIP
Douglas, Charles E2010-04-29SLTAL
Douglas, Charles E2009-12-10SKVIP
Douglas, Charles E2004-02-20Leisure Bowl
Douglas, Charles E2002-03-07Silva Lanes
Douglas, Charles E2000-07-06Sun Valley Bowl
Douglas, Charles E1998-11-14EuCan Bowl (back to back 300s)
Douglas, Charles E1998-11-14EuCan Bowl (back to back 300s)
Douglas, Charles E1997-12-07Holiday Bowl
Douglas, Charles E1997-01-03
Douglas, Ron1995-96no date
Dowd, Donna J2011-01-21TPRR
Drinkard, Ryan J2004-08-04Starlight Bowling
Duben, Joe M1997-08-05Fiesta Lanes
Duran, Joseph2004-04-08Starlight Bowling
Eaton, Ralph1984 -90no date
Edelen, Kenneth R2009-02-19STRB
Edmonds, Sharon E2002-05-12Holiday Bowl
Edwards, Don F2011-10-23Silva Lanes
Edwards, Don F2011-01-14STHCF
Edwards, Don F2011-01-06STRB
Edwards, Don F2009-05-01STHCF
Edwards, Don F2009-02-06STHCF
Edwards, Don F2007-11-09STHCF
Edwards, Don F2003-01-07Holiday Bowl
Edwards, Robert A2017-01-26TPTDF
Edwards, Robert J2000-01-27Tenpins & More
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2021-09-30HOBLH
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2014-04-08HOCHL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2014-03-04HOCHL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2013-03-05HOITA
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2007-04-17SLPCL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2007-04-02HOPOL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2006-10-09HOPOL
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2005-03-14Holiday Bowl
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2005-03-03Silva Lanes
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2005-02-14Holiday Bowl
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr2004-08-19Silva Lanes
Eggleston, Michael D, Jr1998-05-22Fun Lanes
Eggleston, Michael D, Sr2015-01-13HOITA
Eggleston, Michael D, Sr2011-09-26HOPOL
Eggleston, Michael D, Sr1999-11-30EuCan Bowl
Eggleston, Michael D, Sr1999-09-30EuCan Bowl
Eggleston, Robert L2014-10-09HOBLH
Einspahr, Christopher M2019-01-03SLIND
Emerson, Lance R1995-96no date
Emerson, Lance R1995-96no date
Emerson, Lance R1995-96no date
Emerson, Lance R1995-96no date
Emerson, Lance R1995-96no date
Emerson, Lance R2020-01-31SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R2019-03-07FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2018-11-30SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R2018-05-10FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2018-03-21HOMSC
Emerson, Lance R2018-03-14HOMSC
Emerson, Lance R2018-02-23SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R2018-02-08FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2018-01-24HOMSC
Emerson, Lance R2017-08-31FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2017-07-31TPMSD
Emerson, Lance R2016-12-13SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R2016-05-19FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2016-03-07TPMSL
Emerson, Lance R2015-11-04TPBHT
Emerson, Lance R2015-10-02SLMHI
Emerson, Lance R2015-09-09TPBHT
Emerson, Lance R2015-06-20Silva Lanes
Emerson, Lance R2015-06-01TPSDS
Emerson, Lance R2015-03-31STTR
Emerson, Lance R2015-02-19FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2014-10-19Fun Connection
Emerson, Lance R2014-06-16TPSDS
Emerson, Lance R2013-06-09Holiday Bowl
Emerson, Lance R2013-03-19STTR
Emerson, Lance R2013-02-07FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2012-11-27STTR
Emerson, Lance R2012-11-07FCNAS
Emerson, Lance R2012-11-07FCNAS
Emerson, Lance R2012-04-11FCNAS
Emerson, Lance R2012-01-24STTR
Emerson, Lance R2012-01-12FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2011-11-17FCBMT
Emerson, Lance R2011-09-23SKMHI
Emerson, Lance R2010-05-27SLSST
Emerson, Lance R2010-02-01HOPOL
Emerson, Lance R2009-06-22STMDS
Emerson, Lance R2009-05-18STMDS
Emerson, Lance R2008-09-14Fun Connection
Emerson, Lance R2008-02-19STTRF
Emerson, Lance R2007-05-25SKMCP
Emerson, Lance R2007-04-17SLPCL
Emerson, Lance R2007-02-24Tenpins & More
Emerson, Lance R2006-12-22SKMCP
Emerson, Lance R2006-06-28STSSL
Emerson, Lance R2006-06-21STSSL
Emerson, Lance R2006-05-13Leisure Bowl
Emerson, Randy1995-96no date
Encinias, Steve G1997-02-16Sun Valley Bowl
Ennis, Ed1984 -90no date
Enriquez, Pete1996-04-25Fiesta Lanes
Epstein, Aaron L2020-11-05TPME
Epstein, Aaron L2019-11-07TPME
Erickson, Bobby1984 -90no date
Erickson, Bobby1984 -90no date
Erickson, Bobby1984 -90no date
Erickson, Bobby1984 -90no date
Erickson, Russell L1997-11-03Fiesta Lanes
Escoffier, Robert L2018-10-01HOWNM
Escoffier, Robert L2015-12-23HOWNM
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2019-01-28TPMDC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2018-09-13FCBMT
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2017-11-13TPMDC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2017-10-16TPMDC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2017-10-09TPMDC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2017-09-22SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2017-04-24TPSC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2017-02-26Tenpins & More
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2016-12-30SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2016-10-21SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2016-10-21SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2016-02-20Silva Lanes
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2015-09-30HOMSC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2015-09-18SLMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2015-05-20SLLB5
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2015-01-12FCBAD
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2014-11-19SLLB5
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2014-11-19SLLB5
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2013-08-07SLIFS
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2013-02-27SLFSM
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2012-12-14SKMHI
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2012-03-13STTR
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2011-02-15STTR
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2011-02-02SLFSM
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2008-09-02STTR
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2008-04-21SLSUP
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2007-12-09Holiday Bowl
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2006-01-19SLTNB
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2005-10-12HOSC
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2005-01-05Holiday Bowl
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2004-11-16Silva Lanes
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2003-04-01Silva Lanes
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2002-10-24Silva Lanes
Espinda, Eric W, Sr2001-04-16Silva Lanes
Espinda, Eric W, Sr1999-08-04EuCan Bowl
Espinda, John W2017-08-24STHCF
Espinda, John W2017-02-24HOFF
Espinda, John W2016-12-08STHCF
Espinda, John W2016-02-05STHCF
Espinda, John W2014-02-14STHCF
Espinda, Walt E2016-02-17STTWL
Espinda, Walt E2014-03-03STK&Q
Espinda, Walt E1999-12-14EuCan Bowl
Espinosa, Daniel1995-96no date
Espinosa, Guillermo2021-10-13TPBT
Espinosa, Guillermo2021-10-06TPBT
Espinosa, Guillermo2021-09-15TPBT
Espinosa, Guillermo2019-09-19FCBMT
Espinosa, Guillermo2019-02-06STTWL
Espinosa, Guillermo2018-04-25TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2018-04-18TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2018-04-09TPMDC
Espinosa, Guillermo2018-03-21TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2018-02-14TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2018-01-31TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2017-12-06TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2016-04-13TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2016-01-13TPBHT
Espinosa, Guillermo2013-02-14FCBMT
Espinosa, Guillermo2011-04-08STHCF
Espinosa, Guillermo2010-05-31TPMSD
Espinosa, Guillermo2010-02-27Silva Lanes
Espinosa, Guillermo2010-02-27Silva Lanes
Espinosa, Guillermo2009-10-27STTR
Espinosa, Guillermo2009-08-17STMDS
Espinosa, Guillermo2008-10-28STTR
Espinosa, Guillermo2008-09-16STTR
Espinosa, Guillermo2008-04-30TPBCT
Espinosa, Guillermo2007-03-21TPBCT
Espinosa, Guillermo2005-04-29Tenpins & More
Espinoza, Daniel L2016-09-29HOBLH
Espinoza, Daniel L2011-05-06SKMHI
Espinoza, Daniel L2010-05-13LUSDM
Espinoza, Daniel L2008-01-31LUSML
Essington, Scot A2018-01-12SLMHI
Essington, Scot A2014-12-05SKMHI
Essington, Scot A2013-12-04SLFSM
Essington, Scot A2009-03-08Leisure Bowl
Essington, Scot A2008-02-06SLWFS
Essington, Scot A2007-05-25SKMCP
Essington, Scot A2007-05-02SLWFS
Essington, Scot A2007-03-21SLWFS
Essington, Scot A2003-02-15Holiday Bowl
Evans, John H2006-07-20TPSML
Fagyal, Chris E1998-06-11Sun Valley Bowl
Fagyal, Chris E1998-04-16Sun Valley Bowl
Fairchild, Larry D2000-03-14EuCan Bowl
Fantacone, John J2005-04-29Holiday Bowl
Faulkner, Donald J, Sr2019-10-29STWNW
Faulkner, Joseph B2012-04-20SKMHI
Faulkner, Joseph B2009-12-01SKMHI
Faulkner, Joseph B2009-10-13SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B2008-01-15SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B2007-12-04SKTNM
Faulkner, Joseph B2005-11-22SKBTM
Faulkner, Joseph B2001-12-14Leisure Bowl
Faulkner, Joseph B2001-03-22Sun Valley Bowl
Faulkner, Joseph B1999-09-30Sun Valley Bowl
Faulkner, Joseph B1998-03-20Sun Valley Bowl
Faulkner, Joseph B1997-10-13Fiesta Lanes
Fenner, Mark E2016-06-22HOGFS
Ferdig, Matthew K2019-06-24TPPPS
Ferguson, Alan1971 -84no date
Fernandez, Guy1980-07-12
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1979-11-04
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1978-06-02
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1975-07-18
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1974-06-11
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1972-06-01Fiesta Lanes
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1972-05-26
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1972-04-01Fiesta Lanes
Fernandez, JT “Tito”1972-01-07
File, Roy J2017-07-21HOTGI
Finzel, John A1984 -90no date
Finzel, John A2007-12-13SKVIP
Fisher, Ken1971 -84no date
Fisher, Shawn D2016-02-01HOGF
Fisher, Shawn D2007-01-02STTRF
Fisher, Tom L2000-10-11Tenpins & More
Fisher, Tom L1991-01-01no date
Fitzhugh, Davyd Reed, II2017-06-26KIMD
Fleenor, Rainer G2017-06-06STMTS
Fleenor, Rainer G2016-11-30STTWL
Fleming, Nicholas B2019-03-21HOBLH
Flores, Rudy1984 -90no date
Florez, Jerod F2005-10-02YOUTH -EP
Florez, Jerod F2004-11-27YOUTH – SL
Florez, Jerod F2003-12-20Tenpins & More
Floyd, Rich1984 -90no date
Fogel, Chris1971 -84no date
Forgus, Rahman (Rock) U2011-04-19SLFWB
Foster, Claude1971 -84no date
Foster, M. Jerry2015-03-10SLFWB
Foster, M. Jerry1997-11-13EuCan Bowl
Foster, M. Jerry1991-01-01no date
Fraley, Ted1984 -90no date
Fraley, Ted1984 -90no date
Fraley, Ted1984 -90no date
Fraley, Ted1984 -90no date
Fraley, Ted1984 -90no date
Fraley, Ted1984 -90no date
Fraley, Ted1991-01-01no date
Fray, Scott E2012-01-31SKTNM
Freeze, Gary E2013-07-08STDTS
Friedrichs, Herb E2002-06-05Holiday Bowl
Funari, Leo P, Jr2009-02-04TPBCT
Fuqua, Melanie J2008-01-19Holiday Bowl
Fuqua, Scott E1995-96no date
Fuqua, Scott E2016-02-05SLMHI
Fuqua, Scott E2015-05-19SLFWB
Fuqua, Scott E2004-09-21Silva Lanes
Fuqua, Scott E1999-10-06EuCan Bowl
Fuqua, Scott E1998-02-09EuCan Bowl
Fuqua, Scott E1996-02-29Sun Valley Bowl
Gabaldon, Jose A2009-08-03TPMSD
Gaerlan, Art B, Sr1995-96no date
Gaerlan, Art B, Sr1991-92no date
Gaerlan, Art B, Sr1971 -84no date
Gaerlan, Art B, Sr1996-02-06Fiesta Lanes
Galindo, Ricardo2017-08-22TPWPP
Gallegos, Greg J2018-11-15HOBLH
Gallegos, Greg J2018-10-03HOWNM
Gallegos, Greg J2016-02-16SLFWB
Gallegos, Greg J2009-04-30SKIND
Gallegos, Greg J2004-12-22Holiday Bowl
Gallegos, Ray1984 -90no date
Gallegos, Rich1991-01-01no date
Gallegos, Tom1971 -84no date
Gallegos, Walt1984 -90no date
Garber, Ned W2018-02-13HOITA
Garber, Ned W1991-01-01no date
Garcia, Brent A2011-02-03STRB
Garcia, Daniel M2000-11-07Sun Valley Bowl
Garcia, Fidel1984 -90no date
Garcia, Gabriel2020-02-04STJAC
Garcia, Gabriel2015-11-30TPSTF
Garcia, Gabriel2014-11-06TPME
Garcia, Gerald 1995-96no date
Garcia, Gerald 1995-96no date
Garcia, Gerald 1995-96no date
Garcia, Gerald M2009-09-04SKMHI
Garcia, James1995-96no date
Garcia, Joe1984 -90no date
Garcia, Leonard1995-96no date
Garcia, Leonard1995-96no date
Garcia, Leonard1995-96no date
Garcia, Leonard1991-92no date
Garcia, Leonard1984 -90no date
Garcia, Leonard1994-03-01no date
Garcia, Leonard1991-01-01no date
Garcia, Loren M2016-01-29SLNAM
Garcia, Manny J2015-11-04HOWNM
Garcia, Manny J2009-09-15STTR
Garcia, Manny J2008-04-01STTRF
Garcia, Manny J2007-09-07SKMCP
Garcia, Manny J2005-01-27Holiday Bowl
Garcia, Manny J2003-06-18Holiday Bowl
Garcia, Manny J2003-04-29Holiday Bowl
Garcia, Manny J2003-04-15Holiday Bowl
Garcia, Manny J2003-03-02Holiday Bowl
Garcia, Phil1995-96no date
Garcia, Thomas A2009-09-04SKMHI
Garris, Brett1984 -90no date
Garrison, Donald C2019-04-08TPMDC
Garrison, Donald C2018-03-02SLMHI
Garrison, Donald C2010-04-30SKMHI
Garrison, Donald C2001-03-01Sun Valley Bowl
Gaucin, George H, III2012-09-18Tenpins & More
Gebhardt, Joshua D2010-10-15SKMHI
Gebhardt, Joshua D2008-10-14SKTNM
Gelabert, Pete1991-92no date
Giannini, Charles “Chuck” M, Sr2000-11-27Holiday Bowl
Gibboney, Carl W2007-01-05STHCF
Gibson, Mike E2016-11-14HOGF
Gilkerson, Richard J1997-04-16Holiday Bowl
Gill, Chris1971 -84no date
Gill, Jacob T2015-04-09HOBLH
Gill, Steve T2012-05-08STTR
Gill, Steve T2006-11-29TPBCT
Gill, Steve T2006-02-17STHCF
Gillespie, Eddie2001-12-22Tenpins & More
Glaze, Glenn D1997-09-17Sun Valley Bowl
Goff, Richard M2003-01-06Silva Lanes
Goldman, Mike1984 -90no date
Goldmann, Andy2000-04-01YOUTH – HB
Gonzales, Albert A2010-12-14SLFWB
Gonzales, Albert A2010-11-23SLFWB
Gonzales, Michael L2000-01-25EuCan Bowl
Goodson, Danny G2013-04-10FCNAS
Gordon, Ken R2001-03-14Silva Lanes
Gordon, Ken R2000-12-14Holiday Bowl
Gordon, Ken R2000-10-29Holiday Bowl
Gordon, Ken R1997-11-05Holiday Bowl
Gordon, Ken R1997-07-27EuCan Bowl
Gordon, Ken R1996-04-22Fiesta Lanes
Gorelick, Robert S2004-11-30Holiday Bowl
Graebel, Michael T1996-02-05Kirtland Lanes
Gragg, Jay1971 -84no date
Graham, Andy2020-01-23HOBLH
Graham, Andy2017-10-26HOBLH
Graham, Andy2016-10-10HOGF
Graham, Andy2016-04-27HOWNM
Graham, Andy2015-12-14HOGF
Graham, Andy2015-11-23HOGF
Graham, Andy2015-11-18HOMSC
Granat, Allen1995-96no date
Granat, Allen1984 -90no date
Grant, Cecil1971 -84no date
Grant, William J2020-01-03SLMHI
Grant, William J2016-11-02TPBHT
Grant, William J2016-08-29TPSDS
Grant, William J2013-07-25TPSDS
Grant, William J2012-09-26TPBCD
Grant, William J2011-04-29SKMHI
Grant, William J2009-03-22Leisure Bowl
Griego, Joseph W2008-11-13LUSDM
Griego, Joseph W2008-03-19LUCHM
Griego, Joseph W2004-06-17Lucky 66
Griego, Patrick G2008-02-16SKGMB
Griego, Steve1995-96no date
Griego, Steven G2018-01-05HOFF
Griego, Steven G2014-09-08SKNFL
Grier, Tyler J2017-02-09TPME
Griffin, Dusti M2020-01-18Tenpins & More
Griffin, Dusti M2019-12-02TPMDC
Griffin, Dusti M2006-12-20TPBCT
Grimes, Jeremy D1995-96no date
Grimes, Jeremy D2013-10-15STMX3
Guerra, Steve1991-92no date
Guerra, Steve1984 -90no date
Gustafson, Monte L2017-12-06TPBHT
Gustafson, Monte L2014-02-05TPBHT
Gustafson, Shawn R2019-09-27SLMHI
Gustafson, Shawn R2018-03-14HOWNM
Gustafson, Shawn R2017-03-17SLMHI
Gustafson, Shawn R2016-01-14SLIND
Gustafson, Shawn R2015-01-30SKMHI
Gustafson, Shawn R2009-10-24Holiday Bowl
Gustafson, Shawn R2008-02-10Silva Lanes
Gustafson, Shawn R2007-05-01SKBTM
Gustafson, Shawn R2006-01-31SKBTM
Gutierrez, Dan R1995-96no date
Gutierrez, Dan R2000-01-04EuCan Bowl
Gutierrez, Marvin N2018-07-22HOTD
Guyer, Paul E1984 -90no date
Guyer, Paul E2003-01-23Holiday Bowl
Haas, Elmer1971 -84no date
Hackney, Justin L.2019-02-19HS – YOUTH
Hadley, Gary L2019-04-03TPBHT
Hadley, Gary L2013-08-01STRBS
Hadley, Gary L2009-04-21STTR
Hadley, Gary L2007-09-09Leisure Bowl
Hadley, Gary L2005-07-14Lucky 66
Hadley, Gary L1998-04-19EuCan Bowl
Hadley, Gary L1996-03-03Holiday Bowl
Hahn, Aaron D2011-06-14HOTAY
Hahn, Aaron D2010-12-21SKTNM
Hahn, Aaron D2004-08-26Holiday Bowl
Hailey, Justin G2015-02-05SKIND
Hamilton, John M1995-96no date
Hamilton, John M1995-96no date
Hamilton, John M1995-96no date
Hamilton, John M2018-12-13HOBLH
Hamilton, Sean P2010-01-15SKMHI
Hamilton, Sean P2009-01-09SKMHI
Hamilton, Sean P2005-12-23SKMCP
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2010-04-14SLE5S
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2008-12-03SLFSM
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2008-01-31SLTNB
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2008-01-24SLTNB
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2007-11-15SLTNB
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2007-07-10SLTSF
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2006-07-25SLTNF
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2006-05-30SLTNF
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2006-02-21SLPCL
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2003-12-16Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2003-12-09Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2002-07-15Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2001-11-15Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2001-07-23Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2001-03-31Sandia Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2001-03-26Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2001-02-27Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr2000-11-19Silva Lanes
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1999-12-19EuCan Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1999-11-21EuCan Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1998-07-13EuCan Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1998-06-01EuCan Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1998-03-22Sun Valley Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1997-10-20EuCan Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1996-02-05Sandia Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Jr1996-02-05Sandia Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1995-96no date
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1995-96no date
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1995-96no date
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1991-92no date
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1971 -84no date
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1998-07-20EuCan Bowl
Hampe, Lonnie G, Sr1994-03-01no date
Hardwick, R Dean1984 -90no date
Hardwick, R Dean1984 -90no date
Hare, Adrienne M2018-05-28TPMSD
Hare, Adrienne M2015-10-21TPBHT
Hare, Adrienne M2014-09-29TPSC
Hare, Adrienne M2014-07-21TPSDS
Hare, Adrienne M2013-06-24TPSDS
Hare, Adrienne M2013-05-09FCBMT
Hare, Adrienne M2012-02-23FCBMT
Hare, Adrienne M2008-06-23TPMSD
Hare, Adrienne M2008-06-18TPJCT
Hare, Brian G2014-11-10TPSC
Hare, Brian G2014-06-02TPSDS
Hare, Brian G2014-02-13FCBMT
Hare, Brian G2013-11-05STTR
Hare, Brian G2012-11-03Tenpins & More
Hare, Brian G2012-02-02FCBMT
Hare, Brian G2011-11-10FCBMT
Hare, Brian G2004-10-05Silva Lanes
Harris, Floyd “Buster”1991-01-01no date
Harris, James H2004-02-26Silva Lanes
Harris, Wynn1971 -84no date
Harvey, Russell H2017-04-23STLV
Harvey, Russell H2016-04-29SLMHI
Harvey, Russell H1997-09-01Fiesta Lanes
Harvey, Zachary T2019-03-15SLMHI
Harvey, Zachary T2018-12-05SLB5S
Haukereid, Mark2008-10-21SLFWB
Haukereid, Mark2008-09-26HOFFH
Haukereid, Mark A2003-11-24Holiday Bowl
Hawkins, Alan1978-12-28
Hayes, John C, Jr2020-09-30TPBT
Hayes, John C, Jr2019-03-13TPBHT
Hayes, John C, Jr2019-03-11TPSTF
Hayes, John C, Jr2017-12-13TPBHT
Haynes, David L2009-08-16Tenpins & More
Hays, Richard A2010-06-13Starlight Bowling
Hays, Richard A2003-12-23Holiday Bowl
Hazeltine, Ernest F2014-08-06TPJCT
Hazeltine, Ernest F2014-03-25TPLHD
Heckler, Christopher D2008-08-12SLTSF
Heckler, Christopher D2008-04-03STRBS
Heckler, Christopher D2007-10-23SLPCL
Heckler, Christopher D1998-04-10EuCan Bowl
Heckler, Donald III1994-06-17
Helmick, Dennis F2018-04-25TPBHT
Helmick, Dennis F2013-03-25TPBSD
Helmick, Dennis F2011-08-17TPJCT
Helmick, Dennis F2011-06-09TPSJN
Helmick, Dennis F2010-01-05STTR
Helmick, Dennis F2009-01-27STTR
Helmick, Dennis F2004-02-18Tenpins & More
Helmick, Matthew F2009-10-04Tenpins & More
Hendrix, Jim1971 -84no date
Hennie, Frank A1995-96no date
Hennie, Frank A2005-05-28Silva Lanes
Hensley, Rex1971 -84no date
Hernandez, Richard H2007-09-28SKMCP
Herrera, Joseph G2011-09-20SLFWB
Herrera, Yezitt M2013-11-03STLVF
Herring, Louis1972-12-01Valley Bowl
Herschman, Joshua M2017-07-24TPMSD
Herschman, Joshua M2017-04-18TP2+2
Herschman, Joshua M2016-05-19TPCW
Hetu, Joseph R2017-01-14Tucson Bowl
Higbee, Beverly1995-11-10
Higbee, Joey D2009-07-17HOAYA
Higbee, Joey D2003-01-17Silva Lanes
Higbee, Joey D2000-06-26Tenpins & More
Higbee, Joey D1998-02-17Fiesta Lanes
Higbee, Larry A, Sr1995-96no date
Higbee, Larry A, Sr1995-96no date
Higbee, Larry A, Sr1984 -90no date
Higbee, Larry A, Sr2007-02-09SLFLV
Higbee, Larry A, Sr2006-04-21SLFLV
Hillman, Richard S2007-04-27TPMRR
Hise, Robert C2018-05-04HOFF
Hise, Robert C2018-01-08HOGF
Hisey, John L2000-12-30Holiday Bowl
Hogan, Roberta (BJ)1989-09-20Valley Bowl
Holguin, Gary L1995-96no date
Holguin, Gary L1984 -90no date
Holguin, Gary L2015-10-07TPBHT
Holguin, Gary L2011-04-05STTR
Holguin, Gary L1978-03-01Valley Bowl
Holliday, Michael S2020-11-11HBWNM
Holub, Curtis P1984 -90no date
Holub, Curtis P2004-12-27Silva Lanes
Holub, Curtis P2003-11-17Silva Lanes
Holub, Curtis P1998-01-30EuCan Bowl
Holub, Curtis P1991-01-01no date
Holub, Curtis P1991-01-01no date
Holub, Curtis P1991-01-01no date
Honig, Aaron2003-09-11Holiday Bowl
Honig, Mitch G2007-02-08HOBLH
Honig, Mitch G1998-03-04Holiday Bowl
Hourigan, Aaron K2007-06-14LUTHM
Howe, Wilford, Jr1995-12-08Fiesta Lanes
Huber, Lawrence1991-01-01no date
Huerta, Dominic T2016-08-31TPJCT
Huerta, Dominic T2015-10-28TPBHT
Huerta, Dominic T2014-10-20TPSC
Husa, Ronald G1995-96no date
Husa, Ronald G2000-01-17Holiday Bowl
Ielacqua, Anthony1984 -90no date
Imler, Travis J2020-10-23HOFF
Imler, Travis J2015-01-08HOBLH
Irish, Bob1971-03-07Fiesta Lanes
Irwin, Bill1984 -90Fiesta Lanes
James, Robert M.1972-03-01Fiesta Lanes
James, Robert M.1972-02-19no date
Jaramillo, Alonzo A2019-07-16HOH4S
Jaramillo, Joe1984 -90no date
Jaramillo, Joseph F2011-03-01SLFWB
Jaramillo, Joseph F2007-04-17SLPCL
Jaramillo, Joseph F1998-05-18EuCan Bowl
Jaramillo, Raymer G, Jr2012-08-24HOFF
Jeffries, Donius M2018-01-29HOGF
Jeffries, Donius M2013-02-18FCBAD
Jeffries, Donius M2012-09-17FCBAD
Jenkins, David A2016-04-22SLMHI
Jensen, Craig F2008-03-24SKEFF
Jewell, Grady1971 -84no date
Johnson, Aaron J2020-01-10TPNAM
Johnson, Aaron J2018-02-16TPNAM
Johnson, Aaron J2018-02-16TPNAM
Johnson, Aaron J2017-12-29TPNAM
Johnson, Aaron J2017-12-04HOREE
Johnson, Mary D2008-01-24SKIND
Johnson, Mary D2008-01-21SKNFL
Johnson, Roger J2018-12-13SLIND
Johnson, Roger J2018-02-26HONFL
Johnson, Roger J2017-10-23HONFL
Johnson, Roger J2017-10-05SLIND
Johnson, Roger J2017-09-18HONFL
Johnson, Roger J2015-11-23HONFL
Johnson, Roger J2015-07-28HOH4S
Johnson, Roger J2014-10-31SKMHI
Johnson, Steve 1995-96no date
Johnson, Steve 1995-96no date
Johnson, Steven M2000-05-08EuCan Bowl
Johnston, Andy G2011-12-19TPBSD
Jojola, Mike J1995-96no date
Jojola, Mike J1995-96no date
Jojola, Mike J1995-96no date
Jojola, Mike J1991-92no date
Jojola, Mike J1984 -90no date
Jojola, Mike J1984 -90no date
Jojola, Mike J1984 -90no date
Jojola, Mike J1984 -90no date
Jojola, Mike J2005-05-01Starlight Bowling
Jojola, Mike J1999-12-08Leisure Bowl
Jojola, Rudy1991-01-01no date
Jones, David1984 -90no date
Jones, Doug1995-96no date
Jones, Jeff Q2019-12-11TPBT
Jones, Jeff Q2018-12-19TPBHT
Jones, Jeff Q2017-05-04TPTDI
Jones, Jeff Q2016-12-14TPBHT
Jones, Jeff Q2015-12-07TPSTF
Jones, Jeff Q2015-04-10TPRR
Jones, Jeff Q2013-09-30TPBSD
Jones, Jeff Q2013-04-30TPLHD
Jones, Ken2005-01-27Holiday Bowl
Jordan, Hank2007-10-20Silva Lanes
Jordan, Lionel1971 -84no date
Jourdan, Richard1991-92no date
Judd, Keith1980-09-01Holiday Bowl
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr2015-09-17TPBHT
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr2014-11-21STHCF
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr2014-04-11STHCF
Kadane, Raymond K, Sr2003-03-14Tenpins & More
Kaiser, Glenn J2003-04-18Holiday Bowl
Kao, Joseph H2004-03-31Holiday Bowl
Katakofsky, Mickey1971 -84no date
Kear, Eric S2016-11-02STTWL
Keever, James1980-09-01
Keller, John G2016-01-09Starlight Bowling
Keller, John G2015-01-13STTR
Keller, John G2005-10-25STTRF
Kellner, Darren1995-96no date
Kellner, Darren1995-96no date
Kelly, James V2009-11-02SKNFL
Kempf, Thomas M, Sr2009-05-14STRB
Kennedy, Joseph L2014-03-14HOFF
Kennedy, Joseph L2010-08-09HOABW
Kennedy, Joseph L2010-04-08HOBLH
Kennedy, Joseph L2007-11-14HOAHP
Kennedy, Joseph L2007-04-06HOFFH
Kiolbasa, David B2015-10-28HOWNM
Kiolbasa, David B2009-04-10SKMHI
Kiolbasa, David B2009-03-10SKTNM
Kiolbasa, David B2008-04-24LUSML
Kiolbasa, David B2006-11-16LUSML
Kirksman, Douglas1995-96no date
Klaus, Earl1971 -84no date
Knipe, James A2016-03-16HOWNM
Koch, Jeffrey J2017-09-20SLB5S
Kohler, Mike S2003-11-17Holiday Bowl
Krueger, Keith2020-01-29SLB5S
Krusen, Matthew R2007-10-24STTWL
Kuhn, Shane1995-96no date
Kurzeka, Rob2009-07-14SKTNF
Kuzior, Theodore2002-01-11Tenpins & More
Lackey, Raymond A1996-01-24Kirtland Lanes
Lambert, Chris1971 -84no date
Lambert, Chris1971 -84no date
Lang, Charles E, Jr2014-09-26HOFF
LaPlante, Randy1984 -90no date
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2019-02-05STMX3
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2018-03-08STSS
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2017-12-19STHCF
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2016-10-04STMX3
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2014-02-14STHCF
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2000-03-30Holiday Bowl
LaRosa, Joseph A, Jr2000-02-07Tenpins & More
Laycox, Craig A2015-04-17SKMHI
Laycox, Craig A2014-11-07SKMHI
Laycox, Craig A2013-04-25SKIND
Laycox, Craig A2012-06-12SKTNF
Laycox, Craig A2012-03-17Leisure Bowl
Laycox, Craig A2011-10-20SKIND
Laycox, Craig A2010-10-13HOCOM
Laycox, Craig A2010-09-15HOCOM
Laycox, Craig A2010-06-15SKTNF
Laycox, Craig A2009-10-16SKMHI
Laycox, Craig A2008-03-28SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A2007-11-23SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A2007-11-16SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A2006-11-02SKMUL
Laycox, Craig A2006-04-07SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A2006-02-17SKMCP
Laycox, Craig A2004-01-27EuCan Bowl
Laycox, Craig A2003-10-26Tenpins & More
Laycox, Craig A2003-06-02Tenpins & More
Laycox, Craig A2001-07-30Tenpins & More
Laycox, Craig A2001-06-06Holiday Bowl
Laycox, Craig A2000-02-04Leisure Bowl
Laycox, Craig A1998-03-25Holiday Bowl
Laycox, Craig A1997-10-18Leisure Bowl
Leathers, Martin (Josh)2015-02-06SKMHI
Leathers, Martin (Josh)2009-01-02SKMHI
Leckey, James D2002-07-10Silva Lanes
Leckey, James D2000-03-14Holiday Bowl
Lee, Haskell T2021-09-29STTWI
Lee, Haskell T2017-12-21STHCF
Lee, Haskell T2017-09-25STHCF
Lee, Haskell T2017-06-08STHC4
Lee, Haskell T2012-04-15STSMN
Lee, Jan G2003-05-05Tenpins & More
Lemieux, Larry1971 -84no date
Lentsch, Scott J1995-96no date
Lentsch, Scott J2014-02-13HOHN
Lentsch, Scott J2013-04-11HOHN
Lentsch, Scott J2009-11-12HOHN
Lentsch, Scott J2009-01-08HOHNL
Lentsch, Scott J2008-10-23LUSDM
Lentsch, Scott J2008-01-17HOHNL
Lentsch, Scott J1997-08-08Fiesta Lanes
Lewis, Bobbye J2021-06-08STSFT
Lewis, Harry1971-12-01Fiesta Lanes
Lewis, Joshua W2009-01-14HOAHP
Lewis, Murray1971 -84no date
Lewis, Robert1984 -90no date
Lewis, Theran M2013-02-22STHCF
Linares, Aileen2021-08-26TPTDS
Lindquist, Kevin P2002-06-13Tenpins & More
Lino, Chris A2019-12-03HOITA
Lino, Chris A2016-03-18HOFF
Lino, Chris A2010-05-03SLMEL
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H2005-10-12HOSC
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H2005-01-26Holiday Bowl
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H2003-01-22Holiday Bowl
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H2001-10-10Holiday Bowl
Lloyd, Charles (Chas) H1999-08-04Holiday Bowl
Lober, Jack A1995-96no date
Lober, Jack A2001-02-22Holiday Bowl
Loner, Joe1991-92no date
Loner, Joe1971 -84no date
Loner, Joe1971 -84no date
Loner, Joe1971 -84no date
Loner, Joe1971 -84no date
Loner, Joe2007-02-13SLPCL
Loner, Joe2006-11-07SLPCL
Loner, Joe2004-05-31Silva Lanes
Loner, Joe2004-03-16Silva Lanes
Loner, Joe2003-12-30EuCan Bowl
Long, Jerald W2004-09-02Holiday Bowl
Lopez, Carlos F2010-09-29SKWMX
Lopez, Eric R2019-12-05TPME
Lopez, Esequiel A2016-03-08HOITA
Lopez, Joseph1984 -90no date
Lopez, Ray1984 -90no date
Lopez, Tom 1995-96no date
Lopez, Tom E2005-04-15Holiday Bowl
Lopez, Tom E2000-02-29Sun Valley Bowl
Lopez, Tom E1998-04-10EuCan Bowl
Lopez, Tom E1998-02-20EuCan Bowl
Lopez, Tom E1997-12-20Sun Valley Bowl
Louie, Robert W2009-03-03HOITA
Louie, Robert W1998-01-02Holiday Bowl
Louskine, Joe1971 -84no date
Lovato, Ernie2003-04-24Holiday Bowl
Lovato, Ernie2002-12-20Holiday Bowl
Lovato, Ernie, Jr1984 -90no date
Lovato, Ernie, Jr1984 -90no date
Lovato, Jack, Jr1999-12-10Sun Valley Bowl
Lucas, Roger1971 -84no date
Lucero, Carlos E2014-11-11SKTNM
Lucero, Diego J2018-01-23STMX3
Lucero, Diego J2017-08-01STMTS
Lucero, Diego J2016-12-06STMX3
Lucero, Diego J2016-03-30STTWL
Lucero, Diego J2015-11-04STTWL
Lucero, Joe C2016-11-25SLMHI
Lucero, Joe C2008-03-21SKMCP
Luco, Wayne A2014-03-04TPLHD
Luco, Wayne A2013-01-14TPRR
Lujan, Larry E2005-05-23Silva Lanes
Luna, Jay W2014-08-19SKTNF
Lund, John C1995-96no date
Lund, John C1984 -90no date
Lund, John C2017-03-01TPBHT
Lund, John C2016-04-04TPSTS
Lund, John C2015-12-09TPBHT
Lund, John C2015-02-16TPSTF
Lund, John C2014-02-10TPSTS
Lund, John C2013-11-11TPSTW
Lund, John C2013-04-25TPTD1
Lund, John C2013-03-14TPTD2
Lund, John C2011-06-20TPSTS
Lund, John C2010-12-20TPSD
Luttrell, Roland2000-01-07EuCan Bowl
Machuga, Michael R2000-09-15EuCan Bowl
Machuga, Michael R2000-08-14EuCan Bowl
Machuga, Michael R2000-05-18Sun Valley Bowl
Mackie, Steve C2019-05-06TPSTS
Mackie, Steve C2014-08-28TPTDS
Mackie, Steve C2012-10-04TPTD1
Mackie, Steve C2010-11-08TPSTF
Mackie, Steve C2000-10-19Tenpins & More
MacLeod, Duncan1984 -90no date
MacLeod, Duncan1971 -84no date
Macon, Randy1971 -84no date
MacPhee, Joseph D2017-12-08SLMHI
MacPhee, Joseph D2017-12-06HOMSC
MacPhee, Joseph D2016-11-04SLMHI
MacPhee, Joseph D2016-02-19SLMHI
MacPhee, Joseph D2014-06-29Leisure Bowl
MacPhee, Joseph D2014-06-03SLHSN
MacPhee, Joseph D2011-11-11SKMHI
MacPhee, Joseph D2010-02-10SLE5S
MacPhee, Joseph D2010-01-17Leisure Bowl
MacPhee, Joseph D2009-04-30SLTNB
MacPhee, Joseph D2008-01-19Holiday Bowl
MacPhee, Joseph D2007-12-07SKMCP
MacPhee, Joseph D2007-03-25Silva Lanes
MacPhee, Joseph D2007-02-22SKMUL
MacPhee, Joseph D2006-12-31Silva Lanes
MacPhee, Joseph D2006-04-17SLSUP
MacPhee, Trevor S2017-08-18SLMHI
MacPhee, Trevor S2016-03-11SLMHI
MacPhee, Trevor S2013-01-09SLFSM
MacPhee, Trevor S2012-12-19SLFSM
MacPhee, Trevor S2011-09-20SLFWB
MacPhee, Trevor S2010-03-04SLTAL
MacPhee, Trevor S2007-12-27SLTNB
MacPhee, Trevor S2007-05-30STWSL
MacPhee, Trevor S2006-05-06Silva Lanes
Madrid, Dominic A2006-05-18SKSOC
Madrid, Frank L1995-96no date
Madrid, Frank L2003-12-04Silva Lanes
Madrid, Frank L2003-02-25Silva Lanes
Madrid, Frank L1997-09-02Sun Valley Bowl
Madrid, Raymond A2005-03-25Leisure Bowl
Madrid, Raymond A2004-11-19Leisure Bowl
Madrid, Raymond A2003-03-21Leisure Bowl
Madrid, Raymond A2001-05-18Leisure Bowl
Maez, Alfred G2018-04-14Tenpins & More
Maez, Alfred G2011-05-20STHCF
Maez, Alfred G2010-10-08STHCF
Maez, Alfred G2010-02-27Silva Lanes
Maez, Alfred G2009-08-28STRB
Maez, Alfred G2008-02-05STTRF
Maki, Roger E1995-96no date
Maki, Roger E2014-01-02HOBLH
Maki, Roger E2011-04-19STTR
Maki, Roger E2011-01-07HOFF
Maki, Roger E2009-03-22Leisure Bowl
Maki, Roger E1999-08-23EuCan Bowl
Maldonado, Rosemary1996-05-09no date
Manila, Richard J1999-11-21EuCan Bowl
Manila, Richard J1998-04-02EuCan Bowl
Mann, Randy2012-04-09HOPOL
Mann, Randy2007-04-09HOGFW
Mansfield, Cody J2011-05-08Leisure Bowl
Mansfield, Cody J2007-09-01SLSMS
Marceau, Steve P2006-01-17SLFWB
Marceau, Steve P2005-09-02SLFLV
Mares, Thomas J, Sr2006-10-02SLFAM
Marie, Clarence1995-96no date
Marsh, Gary M2013-05-10SKMHI
Martin, Eric S2017-03-13HOGF
Martin, Eric S2004-06-07Tenpins & More
Martin, Eric S2004-05-03Tenpins & More
Martin, Eric S2002-10-22Silva Lanes
Martindale, Richard K2004-11-15Tenpins & More
Martinez, Adonais (Donnie) F2019-11-08HOFF
Martinez, Albert1971 -84no date
Martinez, Albert1971 -84no date
Martinez, Eugene R2002-06-17silva Lanes
Martinez, John W2010-02-02STTR
Martinez, John W2008-01-08SKTNM
Martinez, John W2000-09-26Leisure Bowl
Martinez, Joseph1996-02-08Sun Valley Bowl
Martinez, Max C1984 -90no date
Martinez, Max, Jr2013-12-27SKMHI
Martinez, Max, Jr2010-10-16Leisure Bowl
Martinez, Max, Jr2007-04-19HOHNL
Martinez, Max, Jr2005-02-13Holiday Bowl
Martinez, Max, Jr2004-12-16Holiday Bowl
Martinez, Max, Jr1999-12-09Holiday Bowl
Martinez, Tony C2017-12-01SLMHI
Masterson, Tyler A2012-03-29FCBMT
Matthies, Josh2006-12-21HOBLH
May, Frankie, Jr2008-06-15Lucky 66
McClennen, George1971 -84no date
Mcclintick, John N2021-08-20SLMHI
Mcclintick, John N2018-10-12SLMHI
Mcclintick, John N2016-12-23SLMHI
Mcclintick, John N2016-12-02SLMHI
Mcclintick, John N2013-01-22Gold Coast Military Tourn
Mcclintick, John N2012-03-16SKMHI
Mcclintick, John N2011-12-30SKMHI
Mcclintick, John N2010-12-06HOPOL
Mcclintick, John N2008-10-27HOPOL
Mcclintick, John N2006-10-20SKMCP
Mcclung, Keith A1995-96no date
Mcclung, Keith A2006-07-12STSSL
Mcclung, Keith A2001-10-12Sun Valley Bowl
Mccomb, Scott1995-96no date
Mccomb, Scott1995-96no date
Mccomb, Scott1991-92no date
Mccomb, Scott1984 -90no date
Mccomb, Scott1984 -90no date
Mccomb, Scott2006-05-29SLSDS
Mccomb, Scott1991-01-01no date
McCown, Jerold R, Jr2008-03-05STTWL
McDowell, Laura1982-05-09Holiday Bowl
McDowell, Terry1971 -84no date
Mcgrath, Chris J, Jr2016-01-07HOHN
McLennen, George1995-96no date
McLennen, George1995-96no date
McLillan, George1995-96no date
McLillan, George1995-96no date
McMaster, Ray2006-12-19TPSSL
McMaster, Ray2004-12-12Holiday Bowl
McMillin, Harold L2003-12-11Holiday Bowl
McMillin, Harold L2003-04-24Holiday Bowl
McMillin, Harold L2003-02-20Holiday Bowl
McMillin, Harold L2000-02-18Holiday Bowl
McMillin, Harold L1999-10-14Holiday Bowl
McMurrough, Jim1991-92no date
McMurrough, Jim1984 -90no date
McNeil, Dwight J2009-09-15SLFWB
Medina, Jeremy A2016-12-02SLMHI
Medina, Jeremy A2016-06-06TPSDS
Medina, Jeremy A2014-03-22
Medina, Jeremy A2012-09-27FCBMT
Medina, Jeremy A2011-10-18STTR
Medina, Jeremy A2009-06-29TPMSD
Medina, Jeremy A2009-03-21Leisure Bowl
Medina, Jeremy A2005-01-15YOUTH – SL
Medina, Jeremy A2004-10-03YOUTH – Sun Lanes
Medina, Jeremy A2004-09-04YOUTH – AZ
Medina, Justin A2017-08-09TPJCT
Medina, Justin A2015-10-21TPBHT
Medina, Justin A2015-02-03STTR
Medina, Justin A2013-02-27TPBSD
Medina, Justin A2013-01-19Fun Connection
Medina, Justin A2008-09-23STTR
Medina, Justin A2005-10-29Starlight Bowling – JBT YOUTH
Medina, Marcus A2016-02-24TPBHT
Medina, Marcus A2010-02-23STTR
Melton, Jeffery D1999-10-28Sun Valley Bowl
Mercer, Ronne G2014-12-04HOBLH
Mercer, Ronne G2008-12-09KITNR
Mercer, Ronne G1998-03-12Kirtland Lanes
Merrick, Joseph T2017-05-01TPSC
Merrick, Joseph T2014-06-26TPSDS
Merrick, Joseph T2001-03-21Tenpins & More
Miano, Tony1984 -90no date
Michel, Ronald J2016-04-07TPME
Michel, Ronald J2015-03-30TPFAW
Miera, Luis G2016-10-05HOWNM
Miera, Robert J2018-09-20STHCF
Miera, Robert J2018-03-01STHCF
Miera, Robert J2018-02-05HOGF
Miera, Robert J2017-05-11STHC4
Miera, Robert J2014-01-21STTR
Miera, Robert J2013-11-22STHCF
Miera, Robert J2007-05-23STWSL
Miera, Robert J2005-07-08Starlight Bowling
Miera, Robert J2005-01-30Leisure Bowl
Miles, Gary E1984 -90no date
Milks, Ray1962-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Miller, Brian L2014-02-17HOGF
Miller, Brian L2008-11-25HOITA
Miller, Carl R2017-02-28HOITA
Miller, Carl R2016-01-08SLMHI
Miller, Carl R2013-05-26Tenpins & More
Miller, Carl R2011-04-12HOITA
Miller, Carl R2011-03-06Tenpins & More
Miller, Carl R2010-09-20HOPOL
Miller, Carl R2007-11-28HOAHP
Miller, Carl R2007-05-25SKMCP
Miller, Carl R2006-02-25Lucky 66
Miller, Carl R2004-10-24Starlight Bowling
Miller, Carl R2000-01-21Leisure Bowl
Miller, Douglas1971 -84no date
Miller, Gary (Gub)1971 -84no date
Miller, Gary (Gub)1971 -84no date
Miller, Gary (Gub)1971 -84no date
Miller, Gary (Gub)1971 -84no date
Miller, Gary (Gub)1971 -84no date
Miller, Michael A1984 -90no date
Miller, Michael A1971 -84no date
Miller, Michael A2019-11-22SLMHI
Miller, Michael A2019-02-24Tenpins & More
Miller, Michael A2018-01-19SLMHI
Miller, Michael A2015-10-26TPSTF
Miller, Michael A2015-10-12TPSTF
Miller, Michael A2014-02-09Holiday Bowl
Miller, Michael A2014-01-28STTR
Miller, Michael A2013-12-30TPBSD
Miller, Michael A2013-11-21FCBMT
Miller, Michael A2011-07-18TPSDS
Miller, Michael A2010-11-09STTR
Miller, Michael A2010-04-27STTR
Miller, Michael A2006-04-19TPBCT
Miller, Michael A2006-02-26Lucky 66
Miller, Michael A2005-06-06Tenpins & More
Miller, Michael A2003-11-18Silva Lanes
Miller, Michael A2003-11-18Silva Lanes
Miller, Michael A2003-04-10Tenpins & More
Miller, Michael A2002-03-10Leisure Bowl
Miller, Ruben1995-96no date
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2019-08-26TPMSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2019-07-08TPMSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2019-07-01TPMSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2019-04-25TPTDS
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2017-07-19TPJCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2017-06-22TPTD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2017-03-06TPSTS
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2016-02-21TPMSL
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2015-11-12TPTD1
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-12-16TPSTW
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-12-02TPSTW
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-07-15TPSDS
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-05-29TPJCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-05-08TPBSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-01-17TPTD1
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2013-01-10TPTD2
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2012-11-04Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2012-11-03Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2012-10-22USBC Sr Queens
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2011-12-28TPBCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2011-10-05TPBCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2011-05-16TPSTS
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2009-03-11TPBCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2006-07-31TPMSD
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2005-10-05TPBCT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2004-03-25Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2004-03-24Holiday Bowl
Miller-Mackie, Dana C2001-10-10Tenpins & More
Miller-Mackie, Dana C1993-11-16Sam’s Town LV
Miller-Mackie, Dana C1985-08-18(T)LPBT
Miller-Mackie, Dana C1982-10-12AZ
Miller-Mackie, Dana C1981-01-04WWPB (T)
Mirelez, Robert L2017-02-28TP2+2
Mitchell, Dale E1999-09-17EuCan Bowl
Monroe, Mark1995-96no date
Monroe, Mark1995-96no date
Montoya, Randall S2009-03-17STTR
Montoya, Randall S2006-11-14SLPCL
Montoya, Randall S2001-10-09Silva Lanes
Montoya, Randall S2001-05-22EuCan Bowl
Montoya, Randall S1999-11-23EuCan Bowl
Mora, Chris H, Sr2013-07-02SLHSN
Morley, Barry D2011-04-28SKIND
Morley, Barry D2010-03-12SKMHI
Morley, Barry D2009-02-27SKMHI
Mott, Phillip1984 -90no date
Moya, Fred P2007-03-13STTRF
Mulhearn, Sean1995-96no date
Muller, Ruben J2016-01-18SLFAO
Muller, Ruben J2015-09-24HOHN
Muller, Ruben J2015-07-30HOTD
Muller, Ruben J2012-10-18HOHN
Muller, Ruben J2009-12-10Tenpins & More
Muller, Ruben J2002-09-02Tenpins & More
Muller, Ruben J2000-07-04Holiday Bowl
Muller, Ruben J2000-06-18EuCan Bowl
Muller, Ruben J1998-03-26Sun Valley Bowl
Murdoch, Ken A2018-05-08HOITA
Myers, Kenneth E1997-12-14Bosque Farms Bowl
Nance, JohnDavid W2019-05-01TPBHT
Nance, JohnDavid W2019-01-16TPBHT
Nance, JohnDavid W2018-05-07TPMDC
Nance, JohnDavid W2014-06-16TPSDS
Nance, JohnDavid W2013-11-27HOBSC
Nance, JohnDavid W2013-08-26TPSDS
Nance, JohnDavid W2013-07-01TPSDS
Nance, JohnDavid W2013-01-16HOBSC
Nance, JohnDavid W2011-12-21HOBSC
Nance, JohnDavid W2011-06-20TPSDS
Nance, JohnDavid W2009-10-28HOCOM
Nance, JohnDavid W2007-12-06SLTNB
Nance, JohnDavid W2007-06-16Silva Lanes
Nance, JohnDavid W2006-05-12SKMCP
Nance, Nicole A2010-02-24HOAHP
Nance, Nicole A2008-09-05SKMHI
Naranjo, Richard L2009-04-24SKMHI
Neuschwanger, Ron1995-96no date
Newport, Hunter N2021-10-05STJAC
Nieto, Joe A2010-04-29STRB
O’Brien, Chad2004-09-15Silva Lanes
O’Hara, Jay E2002-02-16YOUTH – AZ
Olsen, Troy1984 -90no date
Olsen, Troy1991-01-01no date
Ontiveros, Ernest2012-01-14SKGMB
Ontiveros, Steve L2021-10-13STTWI
Ontiveros, Steve L2018-09-21SLMHI
Ontiveros, Steve L2013-11-09SKGMB
Orchard, Donald H1997-09-04Fiesta Lanes
Orrie, Charles D, Jr2012-02-20HOPOL
Orrie, Charles D, Jr1996-02-02Bosque Farms Bowl
Ortega, Angel2019-07-29TPMSD
Ortega, Angel2016-04-08TPRR
Ortega, Angel2015-08-12TPJCT
Ortega, Angel2015-06-29TPSDS
Ortega, Angel2015-05-21TPSJN
Ortega, Angel2015-02-20TPRR
Ortega, Cristobal2016-05-23TP2+2
Ortega, Cristobal2016-04-13TPBHT
Ortega, Sam2014-05-17
Ortiz, Adrian J2017-02-18SLLB5
Ortiz, Cesario F1995-96no date
Ortiz, Cesario F2006-11-26STTRF
Ortiz, Paul E2013-12-03STTR
Overton, George M2005-11-22SLFWB
Pace, Ray1971 -84no date
Padilla, Christopher J1996-04-29Fiesta Lanes
Parker, Keith A1995-96no date
Parker, Keith A1991-92no date
Parker, Keith A1984 -90no date
Parker, Keith A1984 -90no date
Parker, Keith A2013-01-19Fun Connection
Parker, Keith A2012-08-31SKMHI
Parker, Keith A2010-12-16FCBMT
Parker, Keith A2007-01-14Holiday Bowl
Parker, Keith A1996-03-06Sandia Bowl
Parker, Keith A1991-01-01no date
Parker, Keith A1991-01-01no date
Parker, Keith A1991-01-01no date
Parker, Robert1984 -90no date
Parra, Armando V2003-10-31Silva Lanes
Patel, Jane M.1993-06-13Fiesta Lanes
Patnode, Laine K2014-03-18STTR
Patnode, Laine K2014-01-14STTR
Patnode, Laine K2013-09-10STTR
Patnode, Laine K2009-09-13Leisure Bowl
Patterson, C J 2019-09-30HOMSC
Patterson, C J 2016-02-10SLLB5
Patterson, C J 2013-03-19STTR
Patterson, C J 2013-01-20FCBMT
Patterson, C J 2013-01-03FCBMT
Patterson, C J 2010-01-10(T) Big Rock
Patterson, C J 2009-05-15SKMHI
Patterson, C J 2008-10-28STTR
Patterson, C J 2007-11-06STTRF
Patterson, C J 2006-11-10SKMCP
Patterson, C J 2006-04-28SKMCP
Patterson, C J 2004-05-16Starlight Bowling
Patterson, C J 2004-04-08Holiday Bowl
Patterson, C J 2002-01-30Holiday Bowl
Patterson, C J 2001-12-18Silva Lanes
Patterson, C J 2001-03-13Silva Lanes
Patterson, C J 2000-06-28Holiday Bowl
Patterson, Charles L2005-01-27Holiday Bowl
Patterson, Charles L2002-06-26Holiday Bowl
Patterson, Charles L2001-01-21Holiday Bowl
Patterson, Patrick 1984 -90no date
Patterson, Patrick 1991-01-01no date
Patterson, Patrick 1991-01-01no date
Patterson, Patrick 1991-01-01no date
Patterson, Patrick T2013-09-18STTWL
Patterson, Patrick T2013-09-11STTWL
Patterson, Patrick T2013-09-06STHCF
Patterson, Patrick T2012-04-27Leisure Bowl
Patterson, Patrick T2008-04-16STTWL
Patterson, Patrick T2007-04-18STTWL
Payne, Chris M2019-12-13SLMHI
Payne, Chris M2019-10-27Holiday Bowl
Payne, Chris M2019-01-25SLMHI
Payne, Chris M2017-01-06SLMHI
Payne, Chris M2016-11-29SLFWB
Pepper, John J1991-92no date
Pepper, John J2006-05-28Leisure Bowl
Pepper, John J2006-05-07Leisure Bowl
Pepper, John J2006-04-12SKNC2
Pepper, John J2004-10-28Leisure Bowl
Pepper, John J1995-09-25Fiesta Lanes
Perez, Fidel J1995-96no date
Perez, Kevin L2019-10-08HOITA
Perez, Ronald1995-96no date
Perez, Sidel F1984 -90no date
Perrone, Louis C2004-03-15Tenpins & More
Perrone, Louis C2003-08-13Tenpins & More
Perrone, Louis C2002-11-12Tenpins & More
Petersen, Ellsworth (Pete) B2006-09-08SKMCP
Petersen, Ellsworth (Pete) B2000-08-03Sun Valley Bowl
Petersen, William (Mouse) C2007-08-21HOH4S
Petersen, William (Mouse) C2000-10-16Leisure Bowl
Petersen, William (Mouse) C2000-05-19Leisure Bowl
Peterson, Robert D2019-06-05TPJCT
Pierce, Tom1971 -84no date
Pinder, Gary O, Jr2015-10-14STTWL
Pinge, Samuel W2019-02-04Tenpins & More
Pinge, Samuel W2018-06-14HOTD
Pinge, Samuel W2017-12-07HOBLH
Pinge, Samuel W2017-11-15HOMSC
Pinge, Samuel W2017-11-06TPMDC
Pinge, Samuel W2017-03-27HOGF
Pinge, Samuel W2016-03-21TPMSL
Pinge, Samuel W2016-02-10HOMSC
Pinge, Samuel W2016-01-06HOWNM
Pinge, Samuel W2015-09-30HOWNM
Pinge, Samuel W2014-02-22Holiday Bowl
Pinge, Samuel W2014-02-12HOBSC
Pinge, Samuel W2013-09-10STTR
Pinge, Samuel W2012-04-03SKTNM
Pinge, Samuel W2012-03-13SKTNM
Pinge, Samuel W2009-11-06SKMHI
Pinge, Samuel W2005-11-15SLPCL
Pinion, Rich1995 -96no date
Pixley, Mike1984 -90no date
Poff, Lori1999-01-01Leisure Bowl
Poitra, Warren J1996-03-15Holiday Bowl
Pouges, Terry L2019-12-10SL5WB
Pratt, J J2005-02-15Holiday Bowl
Pratt, John E1971 -84no date
Presson, Tyler A2018-03-19HOGF
Price, Daniel J2019-03-26TPPA2
Pulliam, Randy G2020-11-13HBFF
Pulliam, Randy G2005-04-29Holiday Bowl
Quanz, Robert1971 -84no date
Quinlan, Michael C2016-12-28STTWL
Quinlan, Michael C2016-11-14STK&Q
Quintana, Demosthenes M2017-01-26TPME
Quintana, Demosthenes M2016-11-21TPSC
Quintana, Demosthenes M2016-02-21TPBHT
Quintana, Demosthenes M2016-02-12TPRR
Quintana, Demosthenes M2015-04-07TPLHD
Quintana, Demosthenes M2014-05-13STTR
Quintana, Demosthenes M2014-03-27TPME
Rael, Sonny1971 -84no date
Ragsdale, William T2018-04-06HOFF
Ragsdale, William T2018-03-08HOBLH
Ragsdale, William T2018-02-14HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T2018-01-10HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T2017-10-29HOBLH
Ragsdale, William T2017-07-02Holiday Bowl
Ragsdale, William T2016-10-28HOFF
Ragsdale, William T2016-04-15HOFF
Ragsdale, William T2016-03-29HOITA
Ragsdale, William T2016-03-22HOITA
Ragsdale, William T2016-03-22HOITA
Ragsdale, William T2016-03-09HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T2016-02-26HOFF
Ragsdale, William T2016-02-02HOITA
Ragsdale, William T2016-01-27HOWNM
Ragsdale, William T2016-01-18HOGF
Ragsdale, William T2016-01-13HOWNM
Ragsdale, William T2015-12-18HOFF
Ragsdale, William T2015-12-01HOITA
Ragsdale, William T2015-11-18HOMSC
Ragsdale, William T2015-11-02HOGF
Ragsdale, William T2015-10-14HOWNM
Ragsdale, William T2015-06-04HORR
Ragsdale, William T2015-05-08HOFF
Rahe, Mike2015-05-07HOBLH
Rahe, Mike1997-10-21Sun Valley Bowl
Rahe, Mike1972-11-01EuCan Bowl
Ramocciotta, Peter1988-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Rangel, Nicolas1984 -90no date
Rangel, Nicolas1991-01-01no date
Rawls, Jay B, Jr2007-11-07HOCOM
Redd, Bo2004-01-23Lucky 66
Reeves, Cory M2018-12-20Tenpins & More
Reynolds, Leslie2000-10-05Tenpins & More
Rhoads, William L2001-02-27Holiday Bowl
Richard, Luke J2010-08-09TPMSD
Richard, Luke J2007-03-21TPBCT
Richard, Luke J2006-03-29TPBCT
Richard, Luke J2005-03-21Tenpins & More
Richard, Luke J2004-06-14Silva Lanes
Richard, Luke J2003-11-25Silva Lanes
Richard, Luke J2001-11-09Leisure Bowl
Richard, Luke J2000-11-06Tenpins & More
Richard, Luke J2000-08-14Tenpins & More
Richard, Luke J2000-06-19Tenpins & More -G1
Richard, Luke J2000-06-19Tenpins & More -G3
Richardson, Kevin E2012-10-25FCBMT
Richardson, Kevin E2012-01-22Starlight Bowling
Richardson, Kevin E2012-01-03STTR
Richardson, Kevin E2011-11-18SKMHI
Richardson, Kevin E2011-06-06TPSDS
Richardson, Kevin E2011-05-09TPSDS
Richardson, Kevin E2011-01-19SLFSM
Richardson, Kevin E2010-04-21TPBST
Richardson, Kevin E2010-03-28Fun Connection
Richardson, Kevin E2010-01-26STTR
Richardson, Kevin E2010-01-19STTR
Richardson, Kevin E2010-01-05STTR
Richardson, Kevin E2009-12-08STTR
Rico, Brian L, Sr2017-02-19Tucson Bowl
Rico, Brian L, Sr2016-03-15TP2+2
Rico, Brian L, Sr2015-08-17TPSDS
Rico, Brian L, Sr2014-07-30STTWS
Rico, Lorenzo A2014-01-07STTR
Ridenour, Jason A2016-01-21TPME
Riedhl, Mike1991-92no date
Riedhl, Mike1984 -90no date
Riedhl, Mike1971 -84no date
Riedhl, Mike1971 -84no date
Riedhl, Mike1971 -84no date
Riedhl, Mike1971 -84no date
Riedhl, Mike1988-06-01no date
Riley, Michael W2015-03-17STTR
Riley, Michael W2015-03-12TPME
Riley, Michael W2015-02-05TPME
Riley, Michael W2015-02-05TPME
Riley, Michael W2014-08-25TPSDS
Riley, Michael W2010-10-27TPBST
Rinehart, Rick A2001-06-28Tenpins & More
Ringler, Charles E2018-02-07HOWNM
Roans, Allen R1998-04-21Sun Valley Bowl
Roberts, Don W2007-12-06SKIND
Roberts, James A2001-06-30Holiday Bowl
Rockwell, W Phillip2000-10-31Leisure Bowl
Rodriguez, Anthony L2018-04-15Tenpins & More
Rodriguez, Anthony L2018-02-25Silva Lanes
Rodriguez, Anthony L2016-02-13Silva Lanes
Rodriguez, Jose R2014-03-07SKMHI
Rodriguez, Jose R2007-01-18HOBLH
Roe, Billy C2000-05-15Holiday Bowl
Roe, John2016-01-22SLMHI
Roe, John2016-01-21HOBLH
Romero, Chris P2017-05-10SLLB5
Romero, Daniel J2016-02-28Silva Lanes
Romero, Dion L2014-11-18STTR
Romero, Dion L2008-09-16STTR
Romero, Joe G2018-02-23TPRR
Romero, Joe G2017-10-20TPRR
Romero, Joe G2017-05-22STDT
Romero, Joe G2017-04-25TP2+2
Romero, Joe G2016-12-09TPRR
Romero, Joe G2016-04-29TPRR
Romero, Joe G2016-03-22TP2+2
Romero, Joe G2015-06-24TPJCT
Romero, Joe G2015-01-16TPRR
Romero, Joe G2014-07-09STTWS
Romero, Joe G2014-02-27FCBMT
Romero, Joe G2014-02-22Holiday Bowl
Romero, Joe G2014-01-02FCBMT
Romero, Joe G2011-05-26STRB
Romero, Joe G2011-03-17STRB
Romero, Joe G2010-12-02STRB
Romero, Joe G2010-11-04STRB
Romero, Joe G2009-03-20STHCF
Romero, Joe G2009-01-23STHCF
Romero, Joe G2008-09-02STTR
Romero, Joe G2008-06-24STSSL
Romero, Joe G2007-08-08STWSL
Romero, Joe G2007-01-14Holiday Bowl
Romero, Joe G2006-10-12HOBLH
Romero, Joe G2005-03-05Silva Lanes
Romero, Joe G2003-07-25Tenpins & More
Romero, Oscar2021-09-01HOWNM
Romero, Richard1995-96no date
Romero, Scott C2019-03-27SLB5S
Roozen, David W2017-02-13STK&Q
Rose, Michael G2001-06-04Silva Lanes
Rose, Michael G2001-04-16Holiday Bowl
Rose, Sean M2003-02-22YOUTH -HO
Ross, James E1998-03-30Fiesta Lanes
Rossander, Ralph1971 -84no date
Rossander, Ralph1972-01-16Fiesta Lanes
Rossander, Ralph1971-03-01Fiesta Lanes
Rother, Gary R2018-09-10HONFL
Ruiz, Joel C2021-09-29HOWNM
Ruper, Gary1991-92no date
Rutland, Ken1984 -90no date
Salas, Phil J1997-03-22Sun Valley Bowl
Salazar, Eddie J2006-03-09LUSML
Salazar, Manuel A2013-12-20SKMHI
Salazar, Manuel A2010-08-16SKNFL
Salvemini, Joe H2000-04-07Holiday Bowl
Samborski, Chris2019-09-18TPBT
Sanchez, Richard C2004-02-04Silva Lanes
Sanchez, Romeo J, Sr2009-12-07STK&Q
Sanchez, Romeo J, Sr1995-10-08Sun Valley Bowl
Sanchez, Ronald (Richard) R2012-08-02STRBS
Sanchez, Ronald (Richard) R2000-04-20Sun Valley Bowl
Sanchez, Ruben L2019-01-23TPBHT
Sanchez, Ruben L2011-04-05STTR
Sanchez, Rudy, Sr2009-05-01STHCF
Sanchez, Steve1984 -90no date
Sanders, Mark J1997-08-04Fun Lanes
Sanders, Sean W2015-04-04South Point PBA
Sandoval, Henry D2007-11-29LUSML
Sandoval, Henry D2005-03-10Lucky 66
Sandoval, Henry D2004-03-04Lucky 66
Sandoval, Jeffrey J2008-05-23HOTGF
Sandoval, Melvin D2000-12-03Holiday Bowl
Satcher, Ray1971 -84no date
Savedra, Jake1997-11-26Fiesta Lanes
Schaaf, Daniel1991-92no date
Schafer, Michael J1971 -84no date
Schafer, Michael J1971 -84no date
Schafer, Michael J1999-10-08Sun Valley Bowl
Schafer, Michael J1999-09-03Sun Valley Bowl
Schafer, Michael J1997-03-08EuCan Bowl
Schanger, Scott1995-96no date
Scheer, Mike E2006-06-20STMRL
Schilling, Justin K2010-05-07SKMHI
Schilling, Justin K2007-08-13TPMSD
Schilling, Justin K2003-12-30Silva Lanes
Schilling, Justin K2003-04-06Silva Lanes
Schilling, Justin K2001-04-03Tenpins & More
Schilling, Justin K1995-12-11Fiesta Lanes
Schneringer, Ken1984 -90no date
Schumaker, Donald1971 -84no date
Schwab, Nickolas2016-01-06HOMSC
Schwab, Nickolas2015-10-07HOMSC
Sci, Paul R1998-05-01Fun Lanes
Scott, Jeffrey L2011-05-25FCWES
Scott, Ray C1984 -90no date
Scott, Ray C2016-01-08SLMHI
Sedillo, George2017-09-28HOHN
Sedillo, George2010-09-20SKNFL
Sedillo, Mike1995-96no date
Sellers, Justin Wade2019-01-17HOBLH
Sellers, Justin Wade2017-10-26HOBLH
Sellers, Justin Wade2003-01-30Holiday Bowl
Sellers, Justin Wade2001-11-15Holiday Bowl
Sellers, Justin Wade2000-11-30Holiday Bowl
Sellers, Justin Wade1999-11-12EuCan Bowl
Sellers, Justin Wade1998-02-15Fiesta Lanes
Sena, Domonic T2020-11-05SLIND
Sena, Roland R2008-04-01HOCHL
Sena, Roland R2002-02-22Silva Lanes
Sena, Roland R1999-05-01Silva’s Eu-Can Bowl
Sevier, Rick, Jr2007-12-06SKIND
Shannon, Shauna T2013-03-07HOBLH
Shannon, Shauna T2011-05-07NM Open
Shannon, Shauna T2011-02-10HOBLH
Shannon, Shauna T2006-08-29SLPCL
Shannon, Shauna T2006-03-26Masters Tour.
Shannon, Shauna T2001-03-06Silva Lanes
Sharp, David1991-01-01no date
Sheridan, Jerry1995-96no date
Sheridan, Peter N2020-02-12TPBT
Sheridan, Peter N2020-01-29TPBT
Sheridan, Peter N2018-11-28TPBHT
Sheridan, Peter N2018-09-05TPBHT
Sheridan, Peter N2018-01-10TPBHT
Sheridan, Peter N2015-12-02TPBHT
Sheridan, Peter N2015-05-28TPTD2
Sheridan, Peter N2014-09-18TPTD1
Sheridan, Peter N2014-08-26STTR
Sheridan, Peter N2011-04-05STTR
Sheridan, Peter N2009-12-09TPBST
Sherwood, Greg1991-92no date
Sherwood, Greg1991-92no date
Sherwood, Greg1984 -90no date
Sherwood, Rick1991-92no date
Sherwood, Rick1984 -90no date
Sherwood, Rick1991-01-01no date
Shields, Lou1984 -90no date
Shipman, Joshua2008-09-24STTWL
Shipman, Joshua2008-02-20STTWL
Shipman, Sean L2007-12-30Silva Lanes
Shipman, Sean L2006-04-27SLTNB
Short, Johnnie1984 -90no date
Shumaker, Donald1984 -90no date
Shutters, Donald L, Sr1999-12-20Tenpins & More
Silva, Art 1988-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Silva, Arthur (John) J2016-06-24SLSFF
Silva, Brandy K2010-09-02FCBMT
Silva, Donavan R2012-01-29STSMN
Silva, Jason A2021-08-13SLMHI
Silva, Jason A2020-03-06SLMHI
Silva, Jason A2019-12-01SLMHI
Silva, Jason A2018-09-14SLMHI
Silva, Jason A2015-04-21SLFWB
Silva, Jason A2013-01-11SKMHI
Silva, Jason A2008-11-17SLFAM
Silva, Justin A2013-03-20SLFSM
Silva, Justin A2009-04-07STTR
Silva, Lewis1984 -90no date
Silva, Michael J1995-96no date
Silva, Michael J1995-96no date
Silva, Michael J1995-96no date
Silva, Michael J1991-92no date
Silva, Michael J1971 -84no date
Silva, Michael J2004-12-03Silva Lanes
Silva, Michael J2001-01-24Silva Lanes
Skidmore, Brian J2016-11-22SLMHI
Skidmore, Brian J2016-10-14SLMHI
Skidmore, Brian J2013-01-18SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J2012-03-23SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J2012-03-18Leisure Bowl
Skidmore, Brian J2011-07-21STRBS
Skidmore, Brian J2011-01-17HOPOL
Skidmore, Brian J2010-04-16SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J2010-03-26SKMHI
Skidmore, Brian J2009-11-24STTR
Skidmore, Brian J2005-05-30Silva Lanes
Skidmore, Brian J2005-05-28Silva Lanes
Skidmore, Brian J2004-09-15Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Brian J2004-08-04Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Brian J2003-08-19Silva Lanes
Skidmore, Gary A1995-96no date
Skidmore, Gary A1995-96no date
Skidmore, Gary A1995-96no date
Skidmore, Gary A1971 -84no date
Skidmore, Gary A1971 -84no date
Skidmore, Gary A1971 -84no date
Skidmore, Gary A1971 -84no date
Skidmore, Gary A2021-09-16HOBLH
Skidmore, Gary A2019-02-09Tenpins & More
Skidmore, Gary A2015-05-08SKMHI
Skidmore, Gary A2013-03-13HOBSC
Skidmore, Gary A2012-05-05Big Rock Casino Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2010-11-18HOBLH
Skidmore, Gary A2009-02-19HOBHL
Skidmore, Gary A2006-05-18HOAYD
Skidmore, Gary A2006-04-26HOSC
Skidmore, Gary A2005-05-26Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2003-07-16Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2003-06-04Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2002-12-04Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2001-11-14Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2001-10-10Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2001-10-01Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2001-08-15Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2001-08-01Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2001-03-04Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2000-08-02Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2000-05-17Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Gary A2000-04-12Holiday Bowl
Skidmore, Jon1971-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Small, Samuel L2011-03-16HOBSC
Small, Samuel L2008-06-12HOAYN
Small, Samuel L2007-03-23HOFFH
Smith, Don1971 -84no date
Smith, Gerry L2019-09-01Tenpins & More
Smith, Harold1995-96no date
Smith, Harold2001-10-09Holiday Bowl
Smith, Matthew D1995-96no date
Smith, Matthew D1995-96no date
Smith, Matthew D1995-96no date
Smith, Matthew D1995-96no date
Smith, Matthew D1995-96no date
Smith, Matthew D2019-09-12HOBLH
Smith, Matthew D2019-01-17HOBLH
Smith, Matthew D2018-10-24SLB5S
Smith, Matthew D2018-06-11TPMSD
Smith, Matthew D2018-01-31SLB5S
Smith, Matthew D2017-08-30SLB5S
Smith, Matthew D1997-10-08Leisure Bowl
Smith, Randy A2013-01-30FCNAS
Smith, Richard E1995-09-29Kirtland Lanes
Smith, Robert K1995-96no date
Smith, Robert K1995-96no date
Smith, Robert K1991-01-01no date
Smith, Ronald E, Sr2019-03-06STTWL
Smith, Ronald E, Sr2019-01-24STHCF
Smith, Ronald E, Sr2015-01-11TPSS
Smith, Ronald E, Sr2007-11-12SKREE
Smith, Ronnie C2017-05-11FCBMT
Smith, Ronnie C2015-02-18FCWM
Smith, Ronnie C2012-08-17HOTGF
Smith, Ronnie C2012-04-19FCBMT
Smith, Ronnie C2011-12-21FCNAS
Smith, Rusty1971 -84no date
Snyder, Terrance R2017-04-27FCBMT
Snyder, Tony1995-96no date
Snyder, Tony1984 -90no date
Solaas, Mike J2008-06-03STSSL
Solaas, Mike J2006-06-19SLSDS
Solaas, Mike J2005-06-06Silva Lanes
Solaas, Mike J2000-05-02EuCan Bowl
Sonnenberg, Michael A2009-02-06SLFNS
Spaulding, Donny E2017-08-10HOTD
Spaulding, Shirley1980-09-18Fiesta Lanes (1st Female in ABQ)
Speck, Joey2005-03-21Holiday Bowl
Speck, Joey2005-02-21Holiday Bowl
Speck, Joey2005-01-04Silva Lanes
Speck, Joey2004-10-12Silva Lanes
Speedy, Robert L2018-04-16STKAQ
Spencer, Dennis C1984 -90no date
Spencer, Dennis C1984 -90no date
Spencer, Dennis C1984 -90no date
Spencer, Dennis C1984 -90no date
Spencer, Dennis C1971 -84no date
Spencer, Dennis C2008-03-03SLFAM
Spencer, Dennis C2006-12-12SLPCL
Spencer, Dennis C2005-09-08STRBS
Spencer, Dennis C2004-07-12Silva Lanes
Spencer, Dennis C2002-02-12EuCan Bowl
Spencer, Ted K2014-03-21STHCF
Springer, Ted1991-01-01no date
Staehlin, Jerry1995-96no date
Staehlin, Jerry1995-96no date
Stahn, Jeff R2010-04-27STTR
Stanley, James1971 -84no date
Staves, Billy2005-10-24TPMNM
Staves, Billy2005-09-06SLPCL
Stephens, David R2010-12-14SLFWB
Stephens, David R2003-03-18Holiday Bowl
Stevens, Jamie1999-01-01
Stevens, Thomas1984 -90no date
Stiles, Walter H1996-01-31Holiday Bowl
Stiles, Walter H1991-01-01no date
Stockstill, John G2007-03-06STTRF
Stomp, John M, III1995-96no date
Stomp, John M, III1984 -90no date
Stomp, John M, III1984 -90no date
Stomp, John M, III2007-06-12HOTAY
Stomp, John M, III2000-04-12Holiday Bowl
Stomp, John M, III1991-01-01no date
Stomp, John M, III1988-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Stomp, Stacy K1991-02-13Fiesta Lanes
Stone, Charles L2005-10-05TPWNM
Stout, Hilton1972-04-01Fiesta Lanes
Strickland, Jonathan2014-04-01SLFWB
Strickland, Jonathan2012-06-19SLHSN
Strickland, Jonathan2000-06-20EuCan Bowl
Strickland, Zakary Z2018-03-07SLB5S
Sunstrom, James E1984 -90no date
Swann, Chuck1971 -84no date
Sweeney, Henry1971 -84no date
Tanag, Romi C1997-12-16Fun Lanes
Tanner, Bettie1984-01-25Holiday Bowl
Tavasci, Mark A2017-02-02STHCF
Taylor, Zachary T2008-09-05SKMHI
Taylor, Zachary T2006-10-29TPBUD
Taylor, Zane G2009-09-29STTR
Templeton, Buzzy1984 -90no date
Templeton, Buzzy1984 -90no date
Templeton, Buzzy1984 -90no date
Templeton, Buzzy1984 -90no date
Templeton, Buzzy1971 -84no date
Templeton, Chuck R1971 -84no date
Templeton, Chuck R1998-02-19Sun Valley Bowl
Templeton, Dave N2019-07-08TPMSD
Templeton, Dave N2018-06-04TPMDC
Templeton, Dave N2018-05-07TPMDC
Templeton, Dave N2006-03-05Lucky 66
Templeton, Dave N2005-12-09SKMCP
Templeton, Dave N2000-04-27EuCan Bowl
Templeton, Dave N1991-01-01no date
Templeton, Dave N1991-01-01no date
Templeton, Dave N1991-01-01no date
Templeton, David D1995-96no date
Templeton, David D1995-96no date
Templeton, David D1984 -90no date
Templeton, Richard1984 -90no date
Templeton, Richard1984 -90no date
Templeton, Robert C2008-07-07STDTS
Tennyson, Doug A2006-11-26TPBUD
Thomas, George A2016-11-08STJAC
Thompson, William (Mikey) M2009-11-25HOCOM
Thompson, William (Mikey) M2007-03-15HOBLH
Thornburg, Dan1995-96no date
Thornburg, Dan1995-96no date
Thornburg, Dan1971 -84no date
Thorson, Bob F2011-12-13HOITA
Thurston, Robert A2011-03-08TPSS
Tibbets, Reggie1971 -84no date
Tidwell, William F2000-04-18Holiday Bowl
Tillery, Jim R2013-11-14FCBMT
Tillery, Jim R2013-04-30STTR
Tillery, Jim R2013-04-18FCBMT
Tillery, Jim R2013-04-04FCBMT
Tillery, Jim R2012-12-13FCBMT
Tillery, Jim R2012-05-16TPJCT
Tillery, Jim R2009-05-05STTR
Tillery, Jim R2008-01-22STTRF
Tillery, Jim R2004-03-15Tenpins & More
Tillery, Jim R2004-03-01Tenpins & More
Titus, Brian S2014-09-24TPBHT
Titus, Brian S2014-06-11TPJCT
Tkach, Thomas A2003-09-29Leisure Bowl
Tolson, David T2013-02-21FCBMT
Tolson, David T2013-01-04SKMHI
Tolson, David T2005-09-26Leisure Bowl
Tolson, David T2004-04-09Leisure Bowl
Tolson, David T2003-09-28Tenpins & More
Tompkins, Tommy E1995-96no date
Tompkins, Tommy E2007-01-11SKMUL
Torres, Chris1995-96no date
Torrez, Eddie J2000-07-23Tenpins & More
Tran, Cang2010-04-04Tenpins & More
Tran, Manh D2009-12-29STJAC
Tran, Nathan T2018-10-30STJAC
Travis, Don G1995-96no date
Travis, Don G1995-96no date
Travis, Don G1995-96no date
Travis, Don G1995-96no date
Travis, Don G2005-06-08Holiday Bowl
Travis, Don G2004-09-27Holiday Bowl
Travis, Don G2003-04-23Holiday Bowl
Travis, Don G2001-08-30Holiday Bowl
Travis, Don G1999-12-22Holiday Bowl
Travis, Don G1999-11-24Holiday Bowl
Travis, Heidi1986-10-08
Trembley, Eddie J2011-01-03STK&Q
Trujillo, Anthony1991-01-01no date
Trujillo, Christopher D2019-01-10HOBLH
Trujillo, Christopher D2004-02-21Leisure Bowl
Trujillo, Joseph F2017-03-09SLIND
Tucker, Jesse L1999-11-21Silva Lanes
Tuleja, John J2011-08-25HOHN
Tully, Charles E, III2014-04-10TPTD2
Turner, Randy2019-04-14Starlight Bowling
Tuttle, Gary1971 -84no date
Ulibarri, Christopher 1984 -90no date
Ulibarri, Christopher M2019-04-11FCBMT
Ulibarri, Christopher M2009-06-29TPMSD
Ulibarri, Orlando, Jr2016-03-25HOFF
Urioste, Michael, Jr2004-02-28Leisure Bowl
Urioste, Michael, Jr2003-12-23Silva Lanes
Urioste, Michael, Jr2002-10-14Tenpins & More
Urioste, Michael, Jr2001-12-21Tenpins & More
Urioste, Michael, Jr2001-05-10Tenpins & More
Urioste, Michael, Jr1998-07-15Fun Lanes
Valdez, Merwin L2005-11-03STRBS
Valdez, Merwin L2004-09-21Starlight Bowling
Valdez, Stephen2007-04-03STTRF
Valencia, Val1984 -90no date
Van Hecke, Ian D2018-04-05HOBLH
Van Hecke, Ian D2017-02-16HOBLH
Van Hecke, Ian D2016-12-22HOBLH
Van Hecke, Ian D2016-12-08HOBLH
Van Hecke, Ian D2015-11-19HOBLH
Van Hecke, Ian D2013-12-10STTR
Van Meter, Mark D1995 -96no date
Van Meter, Mark D1995 -96no date
Van Meter, Mark D1984 -90no date
Van Meter, Mark D1984 -90no date
Van Meter, Mark D1971 -84no date
Van Meter, Mark D2017-04-09Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D2014-06-03SLHSN
Van Meter, Mark D2013-03-03Strike Gold
Van Meter, Mark D2012-01-28Starlight Bowling
Van Meter, Mark D2010-04-01SLTAL
Van Meter, Mark D2010-01-17Leisure Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D2008-10-25Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D2008-04-05Tenpins & More
Van Meter, Mark D2007-09-07SKMCP
Van Meter, Mark D2005-12-04Masters Tour.
Van Meter, Mark D2001-04-22Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D2000-05-22EuCan Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D2000-05-17Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D1999-10-06Holiday Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D1999-04-27Silva Lanes
Van Meter, Mark D1999-03-28Fiesta Lanes
Van Meter, Mark D1998-06-01EuCan Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D1998-05-04EuCan Bowl
Van Meter, Mark D1991-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1991-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1981-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1980-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1978-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1978-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1978-01-01no date
Van Meter, Mark D1975-01-01no date
Van Theemsche, Ronald1991-92no date
Vanaman, Ronald E2005-09-13SKBTM
Vancil, Craig A1991-92no date
Vancil, Craig A1984 -90no date
Vancil, Craig A2008-05-31Fun Connection
Vancil, Craig A2006-05-07TPBUD
Vancil, Craig A2005-10-16TPBUD
Vancil, James A1984 -90no date
Vancil, James A1971 -84no date
Vancil, James A2008-03-04STTRF
Vancil, James A2005-02-09Starlight Bowling
Vanderford, Aric C2006-12-14SLTNB
Vanderlip, Art1995-96no date
Vanderlip, Eric, H2018-03-09SLMHI
Vanderlip, Eric, H2018-02-23SLMHI
Vanderlip, Eric, H2017-01-06SLMHI
Vanderlip, Eric, H2016-10-07SLMHI
Vanderlip, Eric, H2008-12-11HOBHL
Vanderlip, Eric, H2006-11-10SKMCP
Vanderlip, Eric, H2006-11-09HOBLH
Vanderlip, Eric, H2006-10-20SKMCP
Vanderlip, Eric, H2005-04-21Holiday Bowl
Vanderlip, Eric, H2003-04-25Leisure Bowl
Vanderlip, Eric, H2002-04-04Holiday Bowl
Vanderlip, Ross E2009-01-29HOBHL
Vardon, Vic1984 -90no date
Vargas, Matthew M2020-02-16SLSN2
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R2019-08-29HOBLH
Vargas, Sabrina (Bree) R2017-01-25HOMSC
Vargas, Sara A2017-05-12HOFF
Vargas, Sara A2016-02-27Silva Lanes
Vaught, Robert W2000-10-29Sandia Bowl
Vaught, Robert W2000-01-19Leisure Bowl
Vaught, Robert W1996-02-22Holiday Bowl
Vickery, Eddie M2001-10-01Tenpins & More
Visarraga, Paul K1995-96no date
Visarraga, Paul K2008-05-13STTRF
Voda, Alan M1971 -84no date
Waldron, Christina N2009-12-13Silva Lanes
Waldron, Christina N2009-08-15Tenpins & More
Walker, Jerry1971 -84no date
Waller, Clyde R2002-10-11Tenpins & More
Walter, Christopher1995-96no date
Walter, Jeff S2018-02-16SLMHI
Walter, Jeff S2006-03-03SKMCP
Walter, Jeff S2004-07-22Silva Lanes
Walter, Jeff S2004-04-21Holiday Bowl
Walter, Jeff S2001-01-29Holiday Bowl
Walter, Jeff S1998-06-17Kirtland Lanes
Washington, Willie1971 -84no date
Watson, Marvin2005-05-01Starlight Bowling
Watson, Mike D1999-08-04EuCan Bowl
Way, Devin R1995-96no date
Way, Devin R2018-12-06HOBLH
Way, Devin R2012-09-21SKMHI
Way, Devin R2011-11-11SKMHI
Way, Devin R2009-05-05STTR
Way, Devin R2005-03-07Holiday Bowl
Way, Devin R2003-02-20Holiday Bowl
Way, Devin R2000-06-14Holiday Bowl
Weaver, Eric S2010-12-30FCBMT
Weaver, Eric S2006-01-20SKMCP
Weaver, Eric S2005-03-11Leisure Bowl
Weaver, Jason M2018-01-22SLYMC
Webb, Chris N2014-04-22STTR
Webb, Chris N2014-03-19STTWL
Webb, Chris N2013-08-19TPSTS
Webb, Chris N2011-05-03STTR
Webb, Chris N2007-02-28TPBCT
Weiss, Michael S2007-10-23SKTNM
Wells, Bill1971 -84no date
Wells, Bill1971 -84no date
Wells, Bill1971 -84no date
Wells, Bill1971 -84no date
Wells, Bill1971-11-01no date
Wells, Bill1971-03-01Fiesta Lanes
Wells, Ron1984 -90no date
Wells, Ron1971 -84no date
Wells, Willie H2012-03-21Metro Bowl
Wells, Willie H2008-03-27HOBLH
Wells, Willie H2007-11-02Eu-Can Bowl
Wemple, James B2018-01-31TPBHT
Wetzel, Randy T1997-09-06Sun Valley Bowl
Wheat, John P2010-05-18SKTNF
Whillans, Dave L1996-04-08EuCan Bowl
White, Robert B2003-04-25Tenpins & More
White, Robert B1996-04-05Kirtland Lanes
Whitson, Eugene C1999-08-04EuCan Bowl
Wilcox, Geoff (Loy)1984 -90no date
Wilcox, Geoff (Loy)1991-01-01no date
Wilcox, Geoff (Loy)1991-01-01no date
Wiley, David W2008-03-09TPNMR
Wiley, Scott D2016-07-22TPTGF
Williams, Lambert1971 -84no date
Williamson, David P2021-09-16HOBLH
Wilson, Amos R, Sr2012-10-15FCSXS
Wilson, Amos R, Sr2001-03-23Sun Valley Bowl
Wilson, Joseph (Joe) L2011-09-27SLFWB
Winder, Jay1971-01-01Fiesta Lanes
Winn, Gerry1971 -84no date
Worthen, Jeremy A2018-03-22TPME
Worthen, Jeremy A2016-12-08TPME
Worthen, Jeremy A2008-03-05TPBCT
Worthen, Jeremy A2006-11-21STTRF
Wright, Don 1984 -90no date
Wright, Donald W, Jr2014-04-11SKMHI
Wright, Donald W, Jr2013-01-08SKTNR
Wright, Donald W, Jr2011-09-08HOBLH
Wright, Glenn D, III1991-92no date
Wright, Glenn D, III1991-92no date
Wright, Glenn D, III2013-04-23HOITA
Wright, Glenn D, III2010-02-25SLTAL
Wright, Walter P2017-11-14HOITA
Yates, Keith2005-05-11Silva Lanes
Yoder, Paul H1995-96no date
Yoder, Paul H1995-96no date
Yoder, Paul H1995-96no date
Yoder, Paul H1991-92no date
Yoder, Paul H1984 -90no date
Yoder, Paul H2020-10-19HOMSC
Yoder, Paul H2020-01-06HOMSC
Yoder, Paul H2018-05-01HOITA
Yoder, Paul H2018-02-14HOMSC
Yoder, Paul H2014-05-09SKMHI
Yoder, Paul H2014-01-08HOBSC
Yoder, Paul H2008-10-15HOAHP
Yoder, Paul H2008-01-16HOAHP
Yoder, Paul H2007-06-16silva Lanes
Yoder, Paul H2006-10-11HOAHP
Yoder, Paul H2006-01-25HOSC
Yoder, Paul H2002-09-04Holiday Bowl
Yoder, Paul H2002-07-01Tenpins & More
Yoder, Paul H2001-02-08Holiday Bowl
Yoder, Paul H1996-01-23Fiesta Lanes
Yoder, Paul H1995-12-11Sandia Bowl
Yoder, Paul H1991-01-01no date
Yoder, William J2019-01-24HOBLH
Yoder, William J2018-03-21HOMSC
Yoder, William J2018-03-01HOBLH
Yoder, William J2017-10-26HOBLH
Yoder, William J2017-02-27HONFL
Yoder, William J2016-11-14HONFL
Yoder, William J2016-03-31HOBLH
Yoder, William J2015-12-02HOWNM
Yoder, William J2015-06-26HOTGF
Yoder, William J2015-06-26HOTGF
Yoder, William J2015-01-28HOBSC
Yoder, William J2013-06-27HOAYE
Yoder, William J2011-05-25SKAYS
Yonemoto, William H2014-03-11STJAC
Young, John W1984 -90no date
Young, John W1971 -84no date
Young, John W1971 -84no date
Young, John W2016-01-28HOBLH
Young, John W2012-01-01Tenpins & More
Young, John W2009-06-15TPMSD
Young, John W2009-03-16SKNBA
Young, John W2008-04-11SKMCP
Young, John W2008-03-06HOBLH
Young, John W2003-05-01Holiday Bowl
Young, John W2003-03-02Holiday Bowl
Young, John W2003-01-09Holiday Bowl
Young, John W2002-10-24Holiday Bowl
Young, John W2002-10-10Holiday Bowl
Young, John W2002-02-28Holiday Bowl
Young, John W2001-12-20Holiday Bowl
Zamora, Mark1971 -84no date
Zamora, Mark1971 -84no date
Ziska, George1971 -84no date
Ziska, Gerold ( Zeke) R2016-01-27HOMSC
Ziska, Gerold ( Zeke) R2013-11-12HOITA
Ziska, Gerold ( Zeke) R2000-03-23Holiday Bowl
Ziska, Gerold ( Zeke) R1999-11-18Holiday Bowl
Zoch, Donald W2009-04-24SKMHI
Zoch, Donald W2002-02-11Holiday Bowl
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2019-02-24Tenpins & More
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2019-02-22SLMHI
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2015-10-07TPBHT
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2014-02-03TPBSD
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2013-10-07TPBSD
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2008-11-13STRB
Zumwalt, Charles (Andy) A2006-01-31SLPCL

2012USBC Senior QueensDana C. Miller-MackieDana Miller-Mackie 300 Game at USBC Senior Queens 2012
1997PBA National Bowling Stadium OpenMichael A. MillerPBA Televised 300 Game #15: Mike Miller

ROCKY BRADLEY rolled a 300 game in June 1969
JAY WINDER - 300 game in January 1971
BILL WELLS & RALPH ROSSANDER both shot 300s in the spring of 1971. (Someone had fun with this article...)
MARK D. VAN METER bowled four 300 Games in 8 days at 3 different centers in 1980!!!
SHIRLEY SPAULDING bowled the first 300 game ever bowled by a woman at Fiesta Lanes on September 18,1980.
CHRISSY Y. BORROWDALE bowled the first 300 game by a woman in USBC and CNM USBC history on August 5, 2005.